Tuesday, May 27, 2014

. . . Sour Cream Rhubarb Pie . . .

This recipe is something my mom used to make every summer when my grandma's garden would have rhubarb.  Eventually when I started baking I asked for the recipe and have been making it ever since.  It is one of the best Rhubarb Pie recipes you will ever try.  It is the perfect combination of tart and sweet and the crunchiness of the crumb topping completes it.  I highly recommend you making this pie!  If you've never tried Rhubarb this is a great recipe to start with because it's super easy and because it's just so good.  

My husband says he doesn't like Rhubarb however every time I make this pie he gobbles it right up.  My son is the exact same way and really loves this pie.

Sour Cream Rhubarb Pie
1 Prepared Pie Crust
2 1/2 Cups Chopped Rhubarb
 1 Cup Sour Cream
3 Eggs
2 Tablespoons All-purpose Flour
1 Cap Vanilla
Dash of Salt
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
Crumb Topping:
3/4 Cup All-purpose Flour
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1/3 Cup Butter, Cold
Combine all ingredients for the pie except the rhubarb and mix until well blended.  Add in chopped rhubarb and stir to mix it all in.  Pour in unbaked pie shell and spread rhubarb around to make sure it's evenly distributed.  

Combine the butter and brown sugar for the crumb topping.  Cut in chunks of cold butter until you end up with crumbs.  Pour crumb topping over the entire pie spreading out as needed.  Bake pie in a 375 degree oven for 45 to 50 minutes.  Check periodically to make sure your crust isn't burning.  Cool and serve with vanilla ice cream.  This pie should be refrigerated.

So Good and really easy! 
My grandmother said this round of pies was the best she has ever had.  I am not sure why they turned out so good but they were just the perfect consistency this time around.  To make the pie a pretty light pink color add a drop or two of red or pink food coloring to the mixture.  This is completely optional but it makes it very pretty when serving.

Serve and Enjoy

Saturday, May 24, 2014

. . . Memorial Day Weekend Sale . . .

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Friday, May 9, 2014

. . . You are one sweet teacher and nerds treat . . .

Sadly, today was the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week.  I look forward to this week every year because I love coming up with fun treats.  This one was a simple one but my son said they were a big hit so that made his day.

I bought these plastic party cups from Walmart for a dollar each and then grabbed a big bag of M&Ms to stuff inside the cup and then created a simple hang tag saying "You are one SWEET Teacher" and of course we had to do them for the principals too.  Easy peasy!

 I love finding a good bargain and these party cups are great.  I have a set of four that I keep at our house and we use them all the time.  Can't be them for $1.00!

 Made a simple little tag telling the teachers and principals how "Sweet" they are and done!

 Don't forget the principal!

 Each tag was a bit different in color but all said the same thing.

 For our teachers I did an extra treat today since I couldn't resist this Nerds Lip Balm.  It was just too perfect to make a tag to say "Thanks for helping me become a real NERD this year".
 Love the bright colors!

 I can't remember the last time I had Nerds but I bet these lip balms smell just like them!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

. . . Teacher you are a real Hoot and Brownie Points for Teacher . . .

We have two great teachers this year and I love getting to send little treats for them any time of year but really enjoy Teacher Appreciation Week.  The other thing I love about Teacher Appreciation is that my son gets really into it and helps with ideas and he played a big part in this idea.  

I have a collection of owls and was decorating the mantle with them the other day and my mom saw it and said something about how "Hooting" cute it was.  Well, that started a whole conversation with my son and I about what we could do for the teachers using owls as a gift.  So we went out and bought these two little owls that he chose and we came up with this fun phrase for our teacher gifts.
 Having you for a teacher has been a real HOOT!

 These little guys came from Christmas Tree Shop which is a great place for all kinds of goodies!

 I printed a treat bag topper that says "Having you for my teacher has been a real HOOT"

 I packaged the owls in a clear cellophane bag and stapled the treat topper to the cello bag and we were all set for another fun gift.

 "Whooo" doesn't love owls?

• • •
For the second part of our treat I repeated an idea I had done awhile back...Brownie Points for teachers.  I picked up a box of Cosmic Brownies from Little Debbie and gave each teacher a couple brownies and then added a simple little treat tag with some baker's twine.
You are the best Teacher!  I hope this earns me some BROWNIE points!

 A perfect little something sweet!

And of course you can't forget the Principals!! 

What are you doing for your teachers this week?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

. . . Teacher, you fit me like a Glove . . .

So, this is a completely unconventional teacher appreciation gift but it was perfect for our 5th grade teachers.  My son said that the two teachers he has wear gloves quite often for different projects they do with the kids or to clean so when I saw these adorable gloves I picked up a couple pairs for teacher gifts.  My thought was that I would be sending them in a gift basket but then teacher appreciation snuck up on me and I figured I could use them as a cute treat for one of the days of the week.  I added a treat topper than says "Your teaching style FITS me like a glove" and my son thought it was great so I hope the teachers do too!

I also sent in a package of cards for each teacher and principals with a tag that says "You are a Real Star" because their mascot is a star and the school colors are yellow and blue.  

This is just one day out of the week and I have a few other fun ideas planned.

 Cute rubber gloves with a little flower ruffle and then a fun tag and another day of teacher appreciation is complete!

 "Your teaching style FITS me like a glove!"

 Love our teachers!

 You are a real "Star" note cards for our fabulous teachers and principals!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!