Thursday, May 31, 2012

. . . Loaded Baked Potato Salad . . .

Summer is almost here and that means our grill will be fired up a lot at our house.  Whether I'm grilling burgers, chicken, shrimp, steak etc. I always love serving this potato salad recipe because it's always a crowd pleaser.  It is like eating a loaded baked potato but it's chilled and somehow feels more summery than a steaming hot baked potato on your plate.  
 I have made quite a few different Potato Salad recipes but this one is just my creation based on several recipes thrown together and it has been the most enjoyed Potato Salad out of all the ones I've made.  This has become my go to side dish for many occasions and it hasn't let me down yet.
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• • •
• Gather your ingredients
• Boil potatoes with skins on for about 20 minutes.  You can chop them before you boil them or after
• Either combine Ranch mix with sour cream, buttermilk and mayo or just sprinkle the desired amount over cooled and chopped potatoes
• Add chopped chives to the potatoes and mix well

• Combine the mayo, sour cream, buttermilk and Ranch mix (if you haven't already added that to the potatoes).  Pour over potato mixture
• Mix well 
• Add cheddar cheese and bacon and mix
• Once all ingredients are combined place in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours before serving.

cheesy goodness
crowd pleaser

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Friday, May 25, 2012

. . . Fun Friday Finds--Fonts . . .

I know this probably is to be expected but I LOVE fonts!  I admit it that I have a problem because I want every single font I see.  Ok, they say the first step is admitting it and I just did, now I will start my recovery...nope-not going to happen.  

There are so many amazing fonts ranging from beautiful to funky to whimsical etc.  I love them all but these are a few of my most frequently used options.  Not all of these are "free" to use for commercial purposes but all are available for personal use.  I think you will really enjoy them!

 • • •
8. Monika

I hope you enjoy using some of these fun fonts.  I'll share some others again soon for Fun Friday Finds.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

. . . Pesto Veggie Pizza . . .

I love homemade pizza but sometimes it is just a pain to make the crust for it.  I had a craving for it the other day but had no interest in making a flour mess in my kitchen when I made the dough so instead I ran to the store and picked up pita type flatbreads.  They are found in the bread area of the store and they aren't intended as pizza crust but I can assure you anytime I've used them they make a fantastic crust!  Not too thick and they get just the right amount of "crispy".

I have no recipe for this Pesto Veggie Pizza as far as measurements go because it's really based on each individual taste but I'll give the basic run down of how I made them.  Get the kids involved too by letting them make their own.  I know that is my son's favorite part of pizza night.

 You will need:
Flatbreads or any pizza crust of your choice
Italian Dressing
• Gather your ingredients
• Chop your veggies up (any veggies you want--I used broccoli, red onion, mushrooms and peppers) and pour some Italian Dressing over them and let them marinate in that for a little bit.
• Put a little Olive Oil in a skillet and add veggies to saute until browned
• Cover your crust with pesto then add a sauce of your choice--this is good with Alfredo sauce or regular Pizza sauce.

• Top the pizza crust with the desired amount of veggies
• Cover with cheese.  I used Mozzarella and fresh Parmesan
• Bake in a 400 degree oven for about 10 to 15 minutes until crust gets a bit crispy.  If you are baking from a raw dough follow the instructions for baking based on your crust recipe.
• My son's pizza was much less adventurous since he just likes cheese 
• Cut and serve warm!  

 Yummy! cheesy!

veggies galore!