Tuesday, December 23, 2014

. . . Roy as Cousin Eddie . . .

In our house one of our absolutely favorite movies is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!  We always watch it Thanksgiving weekend and then several more times throughout the holiday season.  My husband says it's a great movie but you can't beat watching it with my dad because he howls with laughter every time he watches it.  When we were looking to add some Snow Villages pieces to our collection we about died when we saw that they now have the Christmas Vacation series as part of the Snow Village set.  I knew it was something we had to have at our house.  So when Roy showed up with our first piece in our collection we were all so excited but it couldn't top Roy dressed up as Cousin Eddie!  This is one of our favorite scenes in the movie so it was really funny to all of us so please don't be offended by Roy's sign. 

 Roy came dressed up as Cousin Eddie and Peppermint was even dressed up as Snots the dog.

 Cousin Eddie and his RV really will make our Snow Village Collection complete!

 I love that Roy has the beer can and cigar as well as the hat and robe that Eddie wears in the movie!

 Oh Roy, you crack us up!

 Snots the dog

"That there is an RV.  Don't go getting attached to it when we leave here next month."  
I could probably recite the whole movie...

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

. . . Vote for Roy . . .

Roy, our elf, is nominated in an Elf on the Shelf contest and he needs your votes!  Please vote for our Wrapping Elf at http://www.joelmckinnon.com/about/2014-elf-shelf-voting/

Our son is so excited that he is part of the contest and is really hoping he wins so we could use your help.  Thank you for your votes!  
 you want to vote for!

Friday, December 19, 2014

. . . More Elf on the Shelf Fun with Roy . . .

I am SO behind.  With this being my busiest season for my Stationery business I just get really backed up on blog posts and I feel terrible about that.  Especially when we have so much fun with Roy at our house!  He has been up to no good as usual and here are a few photos of his antics lately.

 Uh Oh...Roy is lit up like a Christmas tree!  He even has a star on his head.  

 Such a rotten look on his face!

 He is flying high today!  

 We love that he even has the bomber jacket and flight goggles.  My husband works in aviation so this one really got a laugh out of all of us.

 Roy always does something nice for Marcus's birthday and this year was no different!  He brought Krispy Kreme and left lots of confetti around!
 Yum!  My dad saw this set up and said he was sure he needed an elf of his own.

 My mom made Roy pajamas and after a sleepover at our house he was cuddled up in them.  He even has a sleep mask on!  Obviously he doesn't want to be disturbed.  I want to stay in my pajamas all day too!

 Oh boy!  Tis the season to be spending lots of money.  I guess Santa and his Elves are no exception because Roy was balancing his checkbook.

 I love that Santa sends checks to Roy so he can go do some shopping.  He even banks at the Bank of North Pole. 
 Looks like Roy and Santa have been spending lots of money!

 Oh Roy!  How did this happen?  You must have snuck into Charley's crate and got trapped.  

 This is one of my favorites!  I just love those huge googly eyes.  We had been talking about the Sons of Anarchy finale and Roy must have been as upset about it as we were.
 Wow--Santa and his Elves watch Sons too!  I wouldn't have thought so but I guess it is true.

 How cute!  Roy loved watching us with our new puppy Charley and our dog Maggie so he went and found a puppy too!  Peppermint will be making regular appearances with Roy I guess.

 Roy was up to no good today!  He covered our trees with Candy Canes.  I guess he thought he was really funny.
 Not great photos but they were in the trees and our son thought this one was hilarious.  He didn't want them taken down but after a day they came down.
 He was busy getting all these candy canes in the bushes and trees.

 Uh Oh!  Roy brought coal today as a reminder to keep being good or Santa would be bringing lots more Christmas Morning.

 I hope this coal is a good reminder to Marcus to keep being good!

 The last week of school before Christmas Break started off with a real healthy breakfast!  Marcus read the note and looked at me and said "I don't really have to eat that do I?".  

 I guess it is true that sprinkles are great but not sure how yummy sprinkle toast would be.
 At least it was colorful but no one ate it at our house.

 Another funny day with Roy.  He covered the sink with shaving cream!  I guess he needs to keep his baby face smooth by shaving everyday.
 He even left Marcus a little message on the mirror!
 I love that Peppermint came along too!

Oh Boy!  Roy got into my gift wrapping stuff and made a big mess!  

 I guess he has to get Peppermint's gift wrapped and decided to help himself to my gift wrap.

Well, that is pretty funny that he thinks he is such a neat gift wrapper.  If this isn't a mess I'd hate to see what he thinks of as a mess!  Maybe if he takes over wrapping all the gifts that I need to wrap this weekend I will forgive him for creating such a disaster. 

What has your elf been up to?  I love hearing about the antics so let me know.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

. . . More Elf on the Shelf Antics . . .

Our little elf visits us from the North Pole every December and I think the only reason he comes is to create havoc at our house.  He is always up to no good it seems like.  Bringing sugary sweets and getting in my way and making lots of messes I have to clean up...but I LOVE IT!  We have so much fun this time of year because we spend lots of time laughing at what Roy is up to. 

I hope you will come back often this month to see what our little elf is up to.

 Roy brought our son the LARGEST box of Mike and Ike's I have ever seen!  It's over a pound of those little fruit chews.  I can see I'm going to have to really ration these out.  I love that Roy is holding one in his hand and has his own little stash on top of the box.  Sorry, for the cell phone photo instead of a camera photo but my mom was having surgery on this day and I was rushing out the door and forgot to take a real picture.

 Oh Roy!  You cute little elf.  He must know I love these soft frosted cookies...oh wait, he didn't bring them for me did he?  He also stole some egg nog our of the fridge to wash his cookies down with.

 He really was making a piglet of himself with these cookies (I don't blame him since they are hard to stop at just one).  I'm not sure any of the frosting made it in his mouth because most of it's on his face!

 Messy little Roy!

 Today is my favorite thing Roy has done in a long time.  Our son is at the age where he suddenly knows more than we do and he lets us know how stupid we are on a regular basis.  I guess Roy got tired of listening to him being smart with us because he brought his tools to "Repair" Marcus's attitude.  I love it!
Seeing the look on my son's face after reading this note was really quite priceless.  He thought the tools were there to help install a microwave we had purchased so when he read the note his mouth dropped open and he just stared at me in awe.  It was great.  I hope that having Roy "watching" him he will straighten up a little bit.

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