Thursday, December 4, 2014

. . . More Elf on the Shelf Antics . . .

Our little elf visits us from the North Pole every December and I think the only reason he comes is to create havoc at our house.  He is always up to no good it seems like.  Bringing sugary sweets and getting in my way and making lots of messes I have to clean up...but I LOVE IT!  We have so much fun this time of year because we spend lots of time laughing at what Roy is up to. 

I hope you will come back often this month to see what our little elf is up to.

 Roy brought our son the LARGEST box of Mike and Ike's I have ever seen!  It's over a pound of those little fruit chews.  I can see I'm going to have to really ration these out.  I love that Roy is holding one in his hand and has his own little stash on top of the box.  Sorry, for the cell phone photo instead of a camera photo but my mom was having surgery on this day and I was rushing out the door and forgot to take a real picture.

 Oh Roy!  You cute little elf.  He must know I love these soft frosted cookies...oh wait, he didn't bring them for me did he?  He also stole some egg nog our of the fridge to wash his cookies down with.

 He really was making a piglet of himself with these cookies (I don't blame him since they are hard to stop at just one).  I'm not sure any of the frosting made it in his mouth because most of it's on his face!

 Messy little Roy!

 Today is my favorite thing Roy has done in a long time.  Our son is at the age where he suddenly knows more than we do and he lets us know how stupid we are on a regular basis.  I guess Roy got tired of listening to him being smart with us because he brought his tools to "Repair" Marcus's attitude.  I love it!
Seeing the look on my son's face after reading this note was really quite priceless.  He thought the tools were there to help install a microwave we had purchased so when he read the note his mouth dropped open and he just stared at me in awe.  It was great.  I hope that having Roy "watching" him he will straighten up a little bit.

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