Thursday, September 29, 2016

West Elm Blogger Preview Event

There was a group of local bloggers that were invited to our brand new West Elm store for a preview event before the doors officially opened to the public.  We met with their PR Manager and he was fantastic with showing us around the store and explaining all the great things West Elm does to get involved in the community and some of the cool collaborations!  If you aren't aware of West Elm they have gorgeous home furnishings and have a fantastic website you can visit if there isn't a store near you.

 I will mostly let the photos do the talking but there are a few things to tell you about.  West Elm started in Brooklyn, NY and is a branch of Williams-Sonoma.  They design almost all of their products in house and believe in using organic, handcrafted and fair trade certified products.  One of the things I like most about West Elm is their support of local makers!  As a "maker" myself I think it's so admirable for a large company to give us little guys the support we need to grow and West Elm is all about that!

 Myself, Amy (Atta Girl Says) and Kristi (Chatfield Court)

 As I mentioned above that West Elm is big on supporting local artists/makers and this bag is a perfect example.  The artist lives right here in Greensboro!  How cool is that?

 They also do some very neat collaborations throughout the year!

 If you need another reason to think this company is so great they also give back!  Again another admirable action on their part.

 Kristi, Amy, Dru (West Elm PR Manager), Ashley, Myself and Jen

 Isn't my mom a cutie!  She went along with me for the preview and had such fun.
This particular West Elm is located in Friendly Center, Greensboro, North Carolina!  It's a gorgeous store and is so worth your visit!