Monday, August 25, 2014

1st day of 6th grade and a sweet treat for teacher

I can't believe I am a mom of a middle schooler now!  Wasn't it just last week I was in the hospital holding my new baby?  Wow!  Time does fly and it seems to go faster the older I get.  

Today has been the day he has dreaded all summer long.  The new school and getting out of his comfort zone has not been easy for him.  He doesn't do change well at all so this has been big.  I know he will be fine but seeing him be so nervous has made me a wreck!  Of course I have to be the grown up and tell him it's going to be great and to make him believe that.  Meanwhile, I need someone to tell me it's going to be great !

I look forward to seeing him grow this year and to get to try lots of new things and expand his horizons but at the same time I want to keep him home with me forever and know that he is safe and innocent.  Part of being a good parent is letting go and I know that but it's been hard this year.  I try to remember to enjoy every moment with him because it's going so fast but these times are always a good reminder to stop and enjoy life with him.

 My 6th Grader!   

 Each year we have a tradition of drawing a heart on his hand.  It started back in kindergarten and he has requested it each year.  Even this year he asked me to do it which was a surprise.  When I first did it I told him it was for him to look at when he got nervous and he'd remember me.  It worked like a charm and every year he has said "Don't forget my heart".  Makes me melt that he still wants it on his hand.

 He's growing up so fast!

 Ready to head to middle school!

 Little Man!

 • • • 

 Back to School!
 • • •

I was worried he wouldn't want to take teacher treats to school this year since he's getting older so imagine my surprise when he asked me what I was sending in for the teachers on the first day of school.  I would have been busy planning something more elaborate but since it was last minute we ran to the store and grabbed some candy and I made a couple cute tags for the boxes and tied them on with twine.  It ended up being the perfect thing--small enough he can put it in his backpack for all the teachers and not too elaborate that he'd be embarrassed to hand the treat out.

I recently read that middle school and high school teachers are the most forgotten teachers so try not to forget about them! 

 "It's going to be a BUNCHA fun with you as my teacher!"

 "I am BURSTING with excitement to have you as my teacher!"

 I tied the tags to a box of Buncha Crunch and a box of Starburst.  

 Simple and Sweet!

 I love easy and quick ideas like this!  Usually these end up being a bigger hit than when I spend hours making some sort of baked good or craft! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bread Box Makeover with Krylon Spray Paint

My grandmother has always wanted a bread box for the kitchen to store bread and crackers and other goodies.  My mom and I went thrifting when we were vacationing at Ocean Isle Beach this summer and we found this bread box that had a nice little divided drawer and a big storage space for breads.  We both knew we had found a keeper for my grandmother.  She of course was thrilled with the bread box when she saw it but wanted it painted and updated.  That is where I came in...I bought some black Krylon Spray paint (my favorite spray paint!) and went to Hobby Lobby and got an awesome knob that really adds a nice pop to the front of the drawer. 

I didn't get a before photo of the wheat engraving but my mom spent a lot of time taking a nail and etching it out because it wasn't deep at all and wasn't really that noticeable and it happened to be one of my grandma's favorite things about the box.  She got it much more pronounced and adding the paint made it pop out and be more apparent from a distance.

The completed Bread Box is now a center piece of the kitchen and she loves it!

 I really sanded the box well and removed the cover to make painting it easier.  I used Krylon Satin Black spray paint and it worked perfectly for this project and left a beautiful shine but not too shiny.

 As you can see my mom really etched that wheat design to make it deeper and more noticeable and it now really pops!  It was worth the time it took her to do that because it made a bigger impact on the finished product.

After sanding the entire box I was ready to start painting.  It took several coats but they were thin coats.  I used 3 cans of Spray Paint on this box.

 Hobby Lobby has the best knobs and all very reasonably priced!  I headed over there and took the drawer with me to make sure the knob I chose would work perfectly.  This one was a keeper!  I just love that it's already antiqued and has black showing through to match the black bread box.

It is now perfect to store bread, crackers, cookies, etc.  She loves it and that is what counts.  I love doing projects like this that make others happy!

 As you can see the wheat design really pops now and you can see it across the room.
 Love it!
 Another fun makeover project!

Friday, August 8, 2014

. . . Country Chic Luncheon . . .

Recently, my mom wanted to throw a luncheon for some of her friends and coworkers.  She asked me to help with the set up and the printing of some of the paper items and I'm never one to turn down helping out with a party so I was ready to go with all my ideas!  I get my love for parties and entertaining from my mom and when we team up we have the best of time.  She has taught me that it's always in the details and I am a big believer in that.  It's always the little unexpected touches that make people happy.

 We decided on a color scheme of blue and green with pops of turquoise thrown in.  I had used the Blue Ball Jars for my son's 5th grade graduation lunch so between us we had plenty of blue and green jars for beverages.  I printed some cute little tags and then punched them out with a scallop circle punch and we tied them on with blue, green and turquoise twine.  Then for the added punch of color we used blue and green paper straws.  A nice pop of color and pattern was added by using the straws.

We used this awesome 2 tiered tray from Target's garden department which is brilliant for parties!  It isn't food safe so it's the perfect spot to place your plates, napkins, silverware etc.  I have one of these trays and use it all the time.  

The plates came from Target as well and worked perfectly with our color scheme.  The tablecloth belonged to my great great grandmother and with the cross stitch pattern it added a nice bit of vintage to the party and of course it matched perfectly since it's blue and white.  The serving dishes were all white, blue or green to match the colors of the luncheon along with the serving utensils being silver, green or blue.  I printed a cute sign to place on top of the tiered tray.  Then we created this adorable little unexpected cluster arrangement on the tray out of 3 straws, some ribbon, tulle and a paper doily. **Stay tuned in the next few days to see how we made this.

 Add some fresh flowers for an added pop of color and to continue the country chic theme!

 Pretty as can be!

 Brownies, strawberries and a pop of more color with some fresh flowers from her outdoor flower arrangements.  Using the Ball jars just continues that country chic theme.

 Love the enamel bowls and cup for the picks!  Just another added pop of color and vintage feel with adding the enamelware.

  She decided her menu would be Homemade Chicken Salad on Croissants, 3 Bean Salad, Dilly Cucumber Salad, Chips, Tomato Pie, Brownies, Fresh Fruit, Iced Tea and Lemonade.  The perfect light lunch that is refreshing on a summer day.

Everyone eat up and enjoy!

 I love these little mini jars that we picked up at a local consignment shop!  They couldn't look prettier with flowers added to them.  

Details!  Details!  Details!  
We added a few small pieces of twine at the end of each serving utensil and then of course this adorable cluster of ribbon and straws on the tiered tray adds a nice unexpected pop of color and texture!

My son and my mom are busy getting ready!  Can you believe we even got my son to help out.  He could be a party planner in the making.  

A fun time had by all!