Thursday, May 9, 2013

. . .Teacher Appreciation Day Three-Cards for Teacher . . .

Well, I have tried so hard to follow the guidelines of our PTA requirements for teacher appreciation week so that my son doesn't stand out since that is his big concern this when we pulled in all the kids were carrying in flowers and my son said "Oh yeah, mom, you got it wrong and yesterday was supposed to be cards for teacher so I was the only one with flowers." mom of the year award for me I guess.  I figure the teachers are probably just happy to get little gifts and they probably didn't even notice but I felt like a rule breaker.

Today was supposed to be flowers for teacher but since I did that yesterday I sent in Personalized Notepads and Personalized Cards for the teacher gifts.  The cards and notepads say "Teachers Rule" and then have a ruler and their name is printed in the ruler.  Something kind of different and fun for them to use when making to do lists or sending notes home with the kids.  I hope they enjoy them.

 I printed a set of note cards and a notepad for each teacher and bagged them in a clear cello bag and then printed matching tags that say "Teachers RULE" and attached the tag with some baker's twine. Easy and fun gift for our special teachers!


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

. . . Teacher Appreciation Day Two-flowers for teacher . . .

Well, today is Day TWO for Teacher Appreciation Week and our school requested flowers for teacher today.  I love flowers but I do not grow them and I manage to kill them every time my husband send them to me so knowing my limits I decided to send in something a little different than a bouquet of flowers.

I printed a couple Flowered Desktop Calendars and then wrapped them with pink tulle ribbon and added a cluster of flowers to them.  It was something that was usable and still kept to the theme.

"Pretty in Pink"

 I printed off a couple calendars with lots of flowers on each month and then wrapped them with a piece of pink tulle ribbon and added a cluster of pink and purple flowers.  Pretty and simple gift!

 Easy and inexpensive Teacher Gift

Thank you to ALL of our Teachers!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

. . . Candy for Teachers and a free printable . . .

One of my favorite weeks of the school year is here!  Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Each year our PTA gives us a guideline of what to send in for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week and I do try to follow it but always end up trying to do something original.  My son is at that age where he doesn't want to stand out for being different so he is adamant that I need to follow the "rules".

Today is Candy for Teacher and I figured I couldn't just send in bags of candy without at least adding a cute tag.  I love coming up with fun phrases that go with different kinds of candy and love these two this year. 

I grabbed a bag of Airheads candy and a bag of Buncha Crunch and created cute tags and added them with some baker's twine and we were set for Day One of Teacher Appreciation Week. The two principals also got candy but theirs said "I like you a BUNCH".  I forgot to take a picture of those--oops!

Now the fun part is that you too can have these tags for your teachers since I'm offering them as a FREE PRINTABLE.  I think the "bunch" tag would be cute attached to a "bunch" of flowers and the airhead tag would be cute on some balloons too.  It's not only for candy if you can think of other ways to use them.  


This can't be much simpler!  Just download the tags and print out on card stock.  Cut them down to size and then punch a hole in them and a hole in the candy bags and use some ribbon or twine and attach them to the bag.  Easy Peasy, right!?

I bagged them up in kraft bags and added some washi tape to dress them up a little and then threw in some white tissue paper and had a cute gift to send for our great teachers.

I hope you enjoy!  I'd love to have you share your Teacher Appreciation Ideas too!