Wednesday, May 8, 2013

. . . Teacher Appreciation Day Two-flowers for teacher . . .

Well, today is Day TWO for Teacher Appreciation Week and our school requested flowers for teacher today.  I love flowers but I do not grow them and I manage to kill them every time my husband send them to me so knowing my limits I decided to send in something a little different than a bouquet of flowers.

I printed a couple Flowered Desktop Calendars and then wrapped them with pink tulle ribbon and added a cluster of flowers to them.  It was something that was usable and still kept to the theme.

"Pretty in Pink"

 I printed off a couple calendars with lots of flowers on each month and then wrapped them with a piece of pink tulle ribbon and added a cluster of pink and purple flowers.  Pretty and simple gift!

 Easy and inexpensive Teacher Gift

Thank you to ALL of our Teachers!


  1. Very pretty and I'm sure these gifts will be most appreciated.

  2. Beautiful Work-- as always!

  3. Beautiful!! I absolutely love it!! Awesome job!!


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