Thursday, May 9, 2013

. . .Teacher Appreciation Day Three-Cards for Teacher . . .

Well, I have tried so hard to follow the guidelines of our PTA requirements for teacher appreciation week so that my son doesn't stand out since that is his big concern this when we pulled in all the kids were carrying in flowers and my son said "Oh yeah, mom, you got it wrong and yesterday was supposed to be cards for teacher so I was the only one with flowers." mom of the year award for me I guess.  I figure the teachers are probably just happy to get little gifts and they probably didn't even notice but I felt like a rule breaker.

Today was supposed to be flowers for teacher but since I did that yesterday I sent in Personalized Notepads and Personalized Cards for the teacher gifts.  The cards and notepads say "Teachers Rule" and then have a ruler and their name is printed in the ruler.  Something kind of different and fun for them to use when making to do lists or sending notes home with the kids.  I hope they enjoy them.

 I printed a set of note cards and a notepad for each teacher and bagged them in a clear cello bag and then printed matching tags that say "Teachers RULE" and attached the tag with some baker's twine. Easy and fun gift for our special teachers!


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


  1. Love, love, love it!! How fun!! Love the rulers and that it is personalized!! Thanks for the awesome idea!!

  2. Hi Lindy! I wanted you to know that we featured you at the Pinterest Party!

    Yay! Malia

  3. Those are soooo cute!! What a fun gift! :)


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