Tuesday, December 23, 2014

. . . Roy as Cousin Eddie . . .

In our house one of our absolutely favorite movies is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!  We always watch it Thanksgiving weekend and then several more times throughout the holiday season.  My husband says it's a great movie but you can't beat watching it with my dad because he howls with laughter every time he watches it.  When we were looking to add some Snow Villages pieces to our collection we about died when we saw that they now have the Christmas Vacation series as part of the Snow Village set.  I knew it was something we had to have at our house.  So when Roy showed up with our first piece in our collection we were all so excited but it couldn't top Roy dressed up as Cousin Eddie!  This is one of our favorite scenes in the movie so it was really funny to all of us so please don't be offended by Roy's sign. 

 Roy came dressed up as Cousin Eddie and Peppermint was even dressed up as Snots the dog.

 Cousin Eddie and his RV really will make our Snow Village Collection complete!

 I love that Roy has the beer can and cigar as well as the hat and robe that Eddie wears in the movie!

 Oh Roy, you crack us up!

 Snots the dog

"That there is an RV.  Don't go getting attached to it when we leave here next month."  
I could probably recite the whole movie...

Happy Holidays!

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