Wednesday, March 21, 2012

. . . Cute Chicks Iron On Decals . . .

Spring Has Sprung!  
Celebrate by downloading one of these cute iron on decals and make cute shirts for your kids. 
Celebrate by downloading one of these cute iron on decals and make cute shirts for your kids. 

I love making my son fun shirts for each holiday or event.  It's funny because he is so proud of them.  I could probably add bows and flowers and he'd still wear them with pride.  Plus, it's a bonus that with this project the kiddos can lend a helping hand.
 I also had the pleasure of making onesies for twins.  Kelly from Food, Fun and Fitness was nice enough to let her kids be models for the day.  They are absolutely adorable in their Cute Chicks Onesies.  Baby M and Baby C look like they give it their seal of approval.

*When I first made the iron on decal I only did one color choice for a boy and one for a girl.  I saw my 9 year old in the one I made him and decided it was to pastel for an older child so I made a new one with bolder colors for both a boy and a girl.  I think the older kids will be happier with bolder colors. 
 • Grab your shirts or onesies and print the design on iron on transfer paper.  Be sure to set your printer for a mirror image!! 
**When buying the transfer paper make sure you buy for the correct color of your shirt.  They make them in light and dark depending on the item you are putting the decal on.
• Once you've printed your decal on the transfer paper cut it down to size.  Be sure to follow the directions that come with your transfer sheets.
• Place the decal where you'd like it to be and get ready to iron

•You will need a smooth pillow case under your garment and then a dry iron set on the warmest setting.  Iron for about 2 minutes being careful not to let the transfer paper get too hot and turn yellow.  Again, follow the directions on your package because they may vary slightly from each brand of paper
• Once the decal has cooled completely you can remove the backing and you are ready to go!

**I have set up the decal image to be a separate download for a baby onesie

  What's so funny?
  • You will do the same process for a larger sized item such as a tote bag or kids or adult size tshirt
As I said above I felt like the pastel color scheme was a bit young looking for an older child.  He's still as happy as can be to wear it.

 Here is an important lesson part of the process:
 Be sure to print your image as a MIRROR image!!!  
I have printed dozens of these decals over the years and yet I still forgot to set up my printer to do the mirror image when doing this one so I figured I'd help you out by sharing my mistake so you won't waste a tshirt as I did.  My son was probably thinking..."What is wrong with this woman?"

Now this is how it should really look...Print the image as a mirror image and then cut it down to size.  Iron the decal where you want it and then let the kids help peal it off.  That is my son's favorite part of the process!  He thinks it is like a magic trick!

 Goofy Kid
the giggles set in...
Happy Easter!
CHick Magnet!
These are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!  No resale or commercial use is allowed.

**The cute Chevron "Tag" at the top of this post is a free download over at The Cottage Market.  Some great colors are available! 
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  1. I love this! I have twin niece and nephew and this is perfect for them! Thanks!

  2. LoVe iT!!! And your son is so sweet!

  3. Thank you SO much for the printable! Totally doing this for my daughter-- and maybe my son ; ) Too cute!

    Stopping by from Toys in the Dryer.

    Kristina @ School Time Snippets

  4. What adorable tee's! The twins are just darling of course, but I love how it looks on the older kiddo, too! Too cute!


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