Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bread Box Makeover with Krylon Spray Paint

My grandmother has always wanted a bread box for the kitchen to store bread and crackers and other goodies.  My mom and I went thrifting when we were vacationing at Ocean Isle Beach this summer and we found this bread box that had a nice little divided drawer and a big storage space for breads.  We both knew we had found a keeper for my grandmother.  She of course was thrilled with the bread box when she saw it but wanted it painted and updated.  That is where I came in...I bought some black Krylon Spray paint (my favorite spray paint!) and went to Hobby Lobby and got an awesome knob that really adds a nice pop to the front of the drawer. 

I didn't get a before photo of the wheat engraving but my mom spent a lot of time taking a nail and etching it out because it wasn't deep at all and wasn't really that noticeable and it happened to be one of my grandma's favorite things about the box.  She got it much more pronounced and adding the paint made it pop out and be more apparent from a distance.

The completed Bread Box is now a center piece of the kitchen and she loves it!

 I really sanded the box well and removed the cover to make painting it easier.  I used Krylon Satin Black spray paint and it worked perfectly for this project and left a beautiful shine but not too shiny.

 As you can see my mom really etched that wheat design to make it deeper and more noticeable and it now really pops!  It was worth the time it took her to do that because it made a bigger impact on the finished product.

After sanding the entire box I was ready to start painting.  It took several coats but they were thin coats.  I used 3 cans of Spray Paint on this box.

 Hobby Lobby has the best knobs and all very reasonably priced!  I headed over there and took the drawer with me to make sure the knob I chose would work perfectly.  This one was a keeper!  I just love that it's already antiqued and has black showing through to match the black bread box.

It is now perfect to store bread, crackers, cookies, etc.  She loves it and that is what counts.  I love doing projects like this that make others happy!

 As you can see the wheat design really pops now and you can see it across the room.
 Love it!
 Another fun makeover project!

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