Friday, August 8, 2014

. . . Country Chic Luncheon . . .

Recently, my mom wanted to throw a luncheon for some of her friends and coworkers.  She asked me to help with the set up and the printing of some of the paper items and I'm never one to turn down helping out with a party so I was ready to go with all my ideas!  I get my love for parties and entertaining from my mom and when we team up we have the best of time.  She has taught me that it's always in the details and I am a big believer in that.  It's always the little unexpected touches that make people happy.

 We decided on a color scheme of blue and green with pops of turquoise thrown in.  I had used the Blue Ball Jars for my son's 5th grade graduation lunch so between us we had plenty of blue and green jars for beverages.  I printed some cute little tags and then punched them out with a scallop circle punch and we tied them on with blue, green and turquoise twine.  Then for the added punch of color we used blue and green paper straws.  A nice pop of color and pattern was added by using the straws.

We used this awesome 2 tiered tray from Target's garden department which is brilliant for parties!  It isn't food safe so it's the perfect spot to place your plates, napkins, silverware etc.  I have one of these trays and use it all the time.  

The plates came from Target as well and worked perfectly with our color scheme.  The tablecloth belonged to my great great grandmother and with the cross stitch pattern it added a nice bit of vintage to the party and of course it matched perfectly since it's blue and white.  The serving dishes were all white, blue or green to match the colors of the luncheon along with the serving utensils being silver, green or blue.  I printed a cute sign to place on top of the tiered tray.  Then we created this adorable little unexpected cluster arrangement on the tray out of 3 straws, some ribbon, tulle and a paper doily. **Stay tuned in the next few days to see how we made this.

 Add some fresh flowers for an added pop of color and to continue the country chic theme!

 Pretty as can be!

 Brownies, strawberries and a pop of more color with some fresh flowers from her outdoor flower arrangements.  Using the Ball jars just continues that country chic theme.

 Love the enamel bowls and cup for the picks!  Just another added pop of color and vintage feel with adding the enamelware.

  She decided her menu would be Homemade Chicken Salad on Croissants, 3 Bean Salad, Dilly Cucumber Salad, Chips, Tomato Pie, Brownies, Fresh Fruit, Iced Tea and Lemonade.  The perfect light lunch that is refreshing on a summer day.

Everyone eat up and enjoy!

 I love these little mini jars that we picked up at a local consignment shop!  They couldn't look prettier with flowers added to them.  

Details!  Details!  Details!  
We added a few small pieces of twine at the end of each serving utensil and then of course this adorable cluster of ribbon and straws on the tiered tray adds a nice unexpected pop of color and texture!

My son and my mom are busy getting ready!  Can you believe we even got my son to help out.  He could be a party planner in the making.  

A fun time had by all!

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