Sunday, March 18, 2018

Do It Yourself Faux Robin's Eggs

Oh where has the time gone?  I feel sad that I haven't blogged in such a long time but also I feel like so much work goes into blogging and sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading because most the time I get very little response to my posts.  That all being said I miss sharing my creative adventures with you.  I thought I'd kick off with a super simple project for spring or Easter.

I know a lot of places are carrying solid wood eggs or even just white plastic eggs and either would work for this project.  I used solid wood eggs from Target.  I found them in the dollar spot so you can't beat the price. I then bought a bottle of acrylic paint from Target in a color called Robins Egg.  Perfect name for this project.

 Perfect for your spring decor!

I picked up this brush at Lowe's Home Improvement and love it for anything that is round like finials or beads or candle get the idea.  Makes brushing paint onto round object so much easier!

I painted all the wooden eggs with 2 coats of the acrylic paint and let them dry well before I started adding the spots that a typical Robin's Eggs have on them.

These are perfect just with the plain paint on them too so feel free to stop at this step!
Just start lightly dabbing the paint on with your toothpick.  I went through a couple toothpicks because they would flatten out and the spots got too big but that is fine if you like that look.

Don't worry if all the dots aren't the same size or if they get a little smeared. They don't have to be perfect because in nature they wouldn't be perfect either.  That is it!

Put them back in the cardboard holder or a cute egg basket and you are all set with another cute decor item for spring!

 Don't mind the large black TV behind this little just happens to be where I needed to add a little something to spring this area up.

  Happy Spring my friends!

Don't you love a quick and simple DIY?  I know I sure do! 

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