Thursday, December 17, 2015

Joy to the World Globe Makeover

If you are a Silhouette or Cricut user then you need to be stalking following Cutting for Business!  She has the best information and does great free downloads that are commercial use friendly.  

I saw her post on Instagram of a globe that she made and was all over it.  I just thought it was so simple and pretty so I got a mini globe and spray painted it black and then cut out the vinyl using her free download and that was it.  Simple and sweet.  Since making the first one I've done another that was a bit larger but still considered mini.  I have found the globes for under $8 at Home Goods or Marshall's but you for sure could look at thrift stores. 

 To download the file go HERE
Take the globe apart and paint the "ball" portion of the globe.  I painted mine with spray paint that had a satin finish but you could use chalkboard paint or some other type of paint that you brush on.  Once the globe is dry reassemble it and then cut out the wording and holly leaf and pick a spot where you want it and apply.  That is it.  So simple but so pretty!

 The second one I made was a wooden base and it looked great with the black globe but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Just letting you know that this looks good with all different bases.

 Joy to the World!


  1. Lindy, It looks great and thanks for the blog shoutout! Happy holidays, Christine -


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