Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bath and Body Works Candle Lids into Ornaments

I buy a ton of 3 wick candles from Bath and Body Works (especially this time of year) and always hate throwing away the lids. It seems like such a waste when they are the pretty ones like they are this season on the holiday candles.  I always save them but rarely ever use them again but this season I decided to make tree ornaments out of them and it couldn't be easier!  So simple and yet they look so glittery and shiny on the Christmas tree.  

  The snowflake design on this year's candle lids is perfect to reuse it as a Christmas tree ornament.  

 To make yours you will need:
3 wick candle lids or another similar sized lid 
Drill and drill bits
Stickers or some type of embellishment
Decorative paper
Strong adhesive like E6000 or Hot Glue
 I didn't take photos of the process so I will just quickly tell you how I did mine.  Very simple to do!

Start by removing as much of the rubber ring on the bottom side of the lids.  I couldn't get mine completely off so I just used scissors to cut it way down.

Pick a ribbon you want to use and then choose a drill bit that isn't too small or too big for that ribbon to fit through.

Choose a spot on the lid you are using and drill your hole.  These wanted to jump around a bit when I first put the drill bit on them so make sure you hold them tight.  It does take a bit to get the drill bit all the way through but don't give up.

Once the hole is drilled put your ribbon through it and tie a knot at the top and cut the ribbon ends on an angle so they don't fray.  

Now take your decorative paper and make your circles.  For mine I made them 4 inches and you can use your Silhouette or Cricut to cut them out or you can just trace the lid and use scissors to cut them out.

Once the circles are cut out add your embellishments.  I just kept mine very simple and used chalkboard stickers but you could do so much with these!

Now it's time for you to glue in the circles to the back side of the lid.  I put the E6000 all around the rim of my paper circles and then pressed them into the bottom of the lid.  I let them dry completely before moving them and they have held up great.

If you are adding rhinestones you will need to do that with a tiny bit of adhesive.  I used E6000 and they have not moved at all since I put them on.  I just bought mine from the scrapbook section at a craft store and they have a bit of adhesive on them but not strong enough to hold them on for a long time.  I used one on each point of the flat spots of the snowflake and then one in the center. 

Be sure to let everything dry completely before hanging on your tree.
 Simple to create but they just add a lot of sparkle on the tree when the lights hit them.

I did several different designs for the back side of my ornaments.  
You wouldn't really even have to add anything to the back of the lid if you didn't want to because they really don't spin around too much at all.
Don't you just love a simple upcycle project?  I know I do!

Merry Christmas to all!

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