Friday, December 4, 2015

Elf on the Shelf is back!

Roy is here again!  It's been a fun few days since he got here to spend a few days with us.  I am sure there will be lots more fun happening around our house with our rotten little elf before Christmas Day so stay tuned.

I also hope you will start to share your Elf on the Shelf photos on Instagram using the tag #showmeyourelf2015.  There are quite a few of you sharing pics and I look forward to seeing what your elves are up to each day.
 This is for Instagram users.  I would love for you to tag the pics on Facebook too but for sure use the tag on Instagram if you have an elf that you photograph and share.

 Our little Roy showed up on December 1st through a magic elf door that he now has.

 Roy also brought a Balloon elf to celebrate his arrival.

 Roy is mapping out a shopping trip for him and Santa to make for Christmas gifts.  

 Looks like he has all the good shopping spots marked on our globe.

 Shop till you drop!

 Roy clearly doesn't know that NO one messes with my morning coffee and most especially not my coffee maker.  He was trying hard to fix it though.
 You think?

Oh Roy, you silly elf!

 Well Roy, thanks for creeping us all out!  When I saw what he had done I thought our son would find this hilarious but instead he couldn't stand walking into the kitchen because he said it was so creepy.
 The cabinets have EYES!  Yikes...I guess Roy is really watching this year.

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