Thursday, September 20, 2012

. . . Magnetic Refrigerator Frame . . .

The other day I was in Michael's and their Christmas Craft Section was calling my name.  I am so glad it was because I picked up these two great little frames that look all fancy but are really just super thin pieces of wood that you can create a million different crafts with. 

I decided to dress up my fridge and make one of them magnetic for photos so I painted it purple to match my kitchen and put a family picture in it.  The other one I used to frame my thermostat which is on a perfectly good wall but I can't really use the wall for decorating since the thermostat is right smack in the middle.  Now instead of just an ugly box on the wall it's an ugly box with a pretty frame.

You will need:
Spray Paint
Magnets or Magnetic Tape
E600 Glue

• • •

• Gather your supplies
• Spray paint your frames to the desired color--I used a plum purple and black for mine.
• Once the paint has dried flip the frame over and cut strips of magnetic tape to fit the frame
• I find that the magnetic tape adhesive isn't strong enough so I used E6000 Glue to adhere the magnetic tape to the wooden frame

• I wanted the magnetic tape to lay flat so I weighted it and let it dry for several hours
• I then put the frame on the refrigerator and put a photo in the middle and it's instant artwork for my fridge

Love it!

framed thermostat
I know it might seem silly but this is one of my favorite transformations.  This wall has always bugged me because of having the thermostat on it and now it finally has a little something to dress it up.  It's a fun addition.

magnetic frames!


  1. Great idea! I will be on the look out for the frames.

  2. Great idea about the decorating the thermostat! Guess I'm heading to Michael's today. :)

  3. Cute!! I just framed my thermostat last night. Great idea!

  4. I just love this idea Lindy! So creative AND when did this new blog layout happen? Adore it especially the cute little side images for the categories. Super cute!

  5. THANK YOU I bought one of these and could not figure out what to do with it! I would love if you would come link it up on I Freakin' Did it Friday @ Miss Information

  6. Thank you for sharing your project on A Crafty Soiree, each Thursday on Katie's Nesting Spot and Yesterday on Tuesday. I've featured your project in the newest one. It will be up at midnight EST. Please come check it out.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this idea. This is so cute. And I will definitely give this idea a try. I am glad you shared this idea.


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