Monday, September 24, 2012

. . . Magnetic Box Tops Holder . . .

I don't know about you but in our house we collect Box Tops for my son's school.  I always have a pile of them lying around and I hate clutter so this has always annoyed me.  When I was sending a bunch of them in to school with him last week I had a light bulb moment that I just needed to have a  container to store them in so they aren't in my way or cluttering up a drawer.  I went to my assortment of containers and found that this empty Crystal Light container that was PERFECT!

I used a little Vera Bradley wrapping paper, spray adhesive, washi tape and baker's twine, and attached two heavy duty magnets to the back of the container using E6000 glue and I was in business!  It turned out great and now all I do is drop the Box Tops in and send them in to the school when the container fills up.  Love it!

You will need:
Empty container (Crystal Light containers work perfectly)
Wrapping Paper or any paper to wrap around your container
Spray Adhesive
Washi Tape
Baker's Twine or Ribbon
A label
Heavy Duty Magnets
E6000 Glue

 • Gather your supplies
• Spray your paper with spray adhesive then wrap tightly around your empty container
• Let the adhesive dry for a bit 
• Add the washi tape at the top and bottom of your container 

• I mainly used the washi tape to cover my uneven edges of the wrapping paper but as it turned out I really liked the accent it provided 
• Print a label or write a label out 
• Stick the label to the front of your container and wrap a little Baker's Twine around the top and tie it in a bow for a decorative touch
• Turn the container over and use your E6000 glue to adhere two heavy duty magnets to the back.  Let these dry completely before using


easy peasy!

love it!


  1. Cute and functional, I like it!

  2. Love it so much I pinned it! Can't wait to make one. TFS

  3. What a good idea! We also struggle to organize the box tops at our house. I never thought to just stick them to the fridge. Excellent!

  4. What a great and simple idea. I have those little box tops laying around the house in all spots. It drives me crazy, plus makes it hard to remember to gather them all up and turn them in. This cute container would be a great catch all and placing the magnets on it keeps it visible but not in the way. I LOVE that. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to pin this to my Organization board and start looking for a container I can spruce up. Thanks!

  5. I LOVE this idea! Such a great way to keep up with the boxtops...and a CUTE way at that!

  6. found this on a google search for "container to hold box tops" :-) we don't drink crystal light here, but i will use this inspiration to re-purpose a toilet paper tube. thanks for the tip!

    1. Great idea!! I wouldn't have thought about a tp tube. I hope it works out well!


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