Sunday, March 11, 2012

. . . 100th Birthday Oreo's Ice Cream Sandwich Cake . . .

Oreo is 100!!  Happy Birthday to you, Oreo.  I wanted to do something special for their birthday and I figured this new twist on my Ice Cream Sandwich Cake would do the trick.
Happy Birthday

Everyone loves Oreo's and Everyone loves Ice Cream so mix the two together and you have a fantastic Ice Cream Sandwich Cake!  This one will be sure to please each and every person you feed it to.  I just about can guarantee it.

 . . . 100 years . . .
Have you seen the Birthday Cake Oreos in the stores?  You are lucky if you snagged a bag because those babies are flying off the shelf!  I had to go to multiple stores to find mine.  If you can't find them no worries because you can use regular Oreos with this recipe!

Print Recipe HERE
• Gather your ingredients
• Chop the Oreo Cookies in a food chopper until fine
• Combine milk and pudding mix and blend well with mixer

• Add Cool Whip to Cookies and Cream Pudding mix and combine well
• Add 1 cup of Chopped Oreos to the mix and combine
• Working quickly place 6 unwrapped ice cream sandwiches on a platter.  Make sure they are pressed tightly together
• Frost the top of the cookie sandwiches with hot fudge ice cream topping

 • Top hot fudge layer with the Cookies and Cream Pudding mixture.  
• Add another layer of Hot Fudge topping to the Cookies and Cream Pudding mixture.  This will sort of marble as you do it but that is alright.
• Add crushed up Oreos to the fudge layer
• Add sprinkles to your liking
 • Place 6 more unwrapped ice cream sandwiches to the top of your pudding and fudge layers.  It will ooze out and look very messy but no worries!
• Make the frosting by using chocolate pudding powder and milk
• Add Cool Whip and combine well
• Add more milk and pudding powder until you reach the desired texture for frosting

 • Frost the entire cake with the Cool Whip Frosting.  This can get messy but it's ok just do the best you can.
• Cover the cake with more chopped Oreos and Sprinkles. 
Freeze until ready to serve.

  Oh YEAH!!
 Milk's Favorite Cookie!
 Time to DIG IN!

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  1. Your Recipe looks so Yummy! I can't wait to try!

  2. Your recipe is AMAZING...I LOVE ice cream sandwiches

  3. How awesome is it that you used ice cream sandwiches? I love this recipe! :)

  4. now that is my kind of ice cream cake, yum!

  5. Wow! Looks.....SO....AMAZING...!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh. I'm salivating! How fabulous! All my favorites together!


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