Monday, March 12, 2012

. . . Dog Collar Cuteness . . .

If you have read my post about "things you might want to know" then you know I LOVE my dog as much as my child (unhealthy much?)  I am always looking for cute collars and the other day my mom showed up with this cute one that she bought for Maggie and her dog, Sadie!  I have seen lots of flower embellished collars on Etsy and have even purchased collars and dog tags from some great sellers on there, like 3Pooches, but this one came from PetSmart!!!  What?  It is from their MarthaStewart Pet Line.  I just had to share...

isn't that cute?
Can you tell she hates having her photo taken?  The minute the camera comes out she turns her head and won't look.   
 Silly Puppy! 

purrty Maggie! 
. . . . . . . . 
Again avoiding the camera as she plays with her Ugly Doll.

This is my mom's dog--Sadie.  She is a sweet little wire haired doxie mix.  She's sporting the cute flowered collar in orange and turquoise.  
scruffy puppy

 who can resist that pretty baby face!?
 •••What name does your pet have?•••
I think it is so much fun to hear all the different names people 
come up with for their four legged friends.


  1. super cute collar! My dog hates the camera too and as soon as she sees it she lowers her head, tucks her tail, and slinks away as quickly as possible.

  2. Haha! I am so amused that she refuses to look at the camera! I have a dog that won't stop moving so she is always just a flash in pictures...we nicknamed her swashsquash. Annnddd you never told me your mom has a doxie (or part doxie!) Annnnddd I totally agree with you I love my dogs like they were kids!

    PS. Their names are Sianna & Brylee (I am so non-traditional when it comes to names. I think it has to do w/ the fact that I grew up w/ a million Jennifers!)

  3. So cute. I have a friend who makes collars and I've sent her the link to the post.


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