Saturday, February 11, 2012

. . . Chocolate Iced Coffee Drink Revisited . . .

This post has been my most viewed post in the history of my blog.  I am enjoying a cup of this frosty drink right now and thought I should share it again for all of my new readers.  It really is one of the yummiest treats!  I hope you all enjoy it.

 • • • • • • iced chocolate coffee drink

I love iced coffee and make a cup everyday with some half and half and a few packs of Splenda.  I brew a big pot of coffee and keep it in the fridge so it's right ready to go when I'm ready for a cool coffee drink.  Sometimes I crave something a little richer and this drink is the perfect remedy for that craving.  So easy but so yummy--my son fights me for it if I only make enough for one cup.

• You will need Half and Half, Hot Chocolate Packets ( I like Swiss Miss.  I love that they have other flavors now too ) , Sweetner and Coffee

• Pour desired amount of half and half and coffee into blender.  Add sweetner and hot chocolate packet.  Depending on the amount of coffee and half and half I sometimes use more than one packet of hot chocolate mix.

• Run the blender until the mixture is well combined. 

•  I use a StarbucksDouble Walled Cup that I have had since they came out with them a couple years ago--it's like a Tervis Tumbler and they are great!  I fill my cup with some ice and pour the coffee mixture over it and ENJOY.

• • • •Other Iced Coffee Ideas:
• Blend some butterscotch instant pudding mix, cinnamon, half and half and coffee together and serve over ice.  This is really good with some pumpkin added to it
• Blend coffee, half and half and some caramel ice cream topping and serve over ice
• • • •What is your favorite coffee drink?
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