Friday, April 1, 2022

DIY Wood Bead Carrots

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I'm in full swing with spring crafting and I seem to have a thing for carrots this season!  Every year I feel like I get into a particular item and this year carrots are stealing my heart over an over.  This craft was fun and unique and so simple to do!

What you will need:
Orange Paint
Wood Beads in a variety of sizes
Wood Stain
Sand Paper
Cut Tag if you want to add one (watch video below of a great trick)
Start out by laying out your wood beads in graduating order from largest to smallest.  Once you have a "carrot" shape then put the beads on dowels and paint them orange.  Once my paint was dry I used my favorite little Micro Sander from Gator and lightly buffed each bead and then went over all of them with Dark Walnut wood stain to darken them just a bit.

After everything had dried I assembled my carrots by threading the beads on two strands of twine and tying a knot at the bottom making sure it was thick enough of a knot to prevent any beads from sliding off.  Once that was done I created twine tassels which I have been making for a long time but here is a great tutorial!  I then attached the twine tassel to the top of the carrots.  Once I had my three carrots assembled I took a strip of ribbon and tied it around the top and made a cute bow. 

As a bonus I did add a cute little tag I created using my Silhouette Cameo with some heat transfer vinyl.  I made the tag from a small piece of a paint stick and rounded the corners.  Easy as pie to do homemade tags that way!
A very simple project indeed!  I think they are fun and unique without a doubt but they add a nice pop of color to my decor.  I also love that you can make them your own but what shade of orange you use and what ribbon you want and even what color twine you choose!  Hope you make a set too!

Some supplies you might need:

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