Thursday, June 11, 2015

Picture Perfect School Year Teacher Gift

Another school year is done and I feel like we just got started.  We have had another great year with great teachers but I am ready for a break from homework and projects and early mornings.  

Every time I need a teacher gift I try to come up with something new and unique but that isn't always easy to do.  This year was our first year in middle school and we had a great experience considering the massive amounts of anxiety that the school year was started with.  That being said this tag really sums up how we feel about both the school year and the wonderful group of teachers we had--it truly was a "Picture Perfect" year!

Everyone loves a movie night and if they don't then someone they know will so this is a gift that will no doubt get used and it is very easy to put together!

 I gathered up some Movie Theater candy in the dollar section and of course a movie night wouldn't be complete without some popcorn.  I had planned on using popcorn buckets but since my son is way too cool to have mom walk in with him to help carry everything I decided to just bag everything up.  We have 7 teachers so there was no way he would carry a big box filled with teacher gifts.  He is at the age where he doesn't want any attention drawn to him.  As it turns out it worked out really well just bagging the treats in a clear cello bag.

 I created a simple tag and printed those out and used my corner rounder to round the corners and then punched a hole in each corner so they could be tied to the bag.

  Since we have 7 teachers I decided to just do 1 movie code for each teacher.  When you go to you can purchase a group of codes and give them to one person or divide them up.  I chose to divide them up.  I saved the image of the gift card on the Redbox website and printed that on the front of a card and then printed the movie code on the inside of the folded card so they will be able to hang onto it easily.
**That is not a valid code in the photo above.

 As you can see I just folded the card so they only see the Redbox image through the bag but then when they open it they will have the code and it's a business card size so it can be put in their wallet until they are ready to use it and hopefully it won't get lost.  These movie codes can be redeemed at a kiosk or online and they don't expire.
 Bag everything up and tie up the bag with a little ribbon or twine and attach your tag.  

 Movie Night in a bag!  A great gift for the whole family.


  1. I love this. I have seen several "movie" baskets, but, not Redbox. Cool. I am getting a few gift cards myself. :-)

    1. Thank you! It was a big hit with the teachers! Redbox made it cheap and simple to do as well.


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