Tuesday, December 24, 2013

. . . Merry Christmas . . .

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year!  I love the feeling of excitement leading up to it and being around friends and family.  I enjoy hosting Christmas Eve dinner and waking up to Santa gifts Christmas morning.  Going to my parent's house for breakfast and opening their gifts and then coming home and playing with all of our new stuff.  I love seeing the magic through my son's eyes and watching the excitement when he opens gifts.  I really could go on and on but the point is I love Christmas and hope you have a very Merry Holiday!

I thought I would share some of my holiday decorating with you before it's all put away.

 It wouldn't seem right to have a photo without Roy in it.  On this day our little elf was helping decorate the Christmas tree.

 This is one of my favorite areas!

 Reindeer Games

 The Joy blocks my mom made years and years ago and it just doesn't feel right to not put them out each year.

 This little Santa and Snowman game is one of my son's favorites.  He can't wait to sit and unwrap the pieces each year when we pull all the decorations out.

 Red ribbon and little sprigs of pine or greenery make everything better!

My parents started collecting Department 56 Snowbabies for me when I was a little girl so I have quite a few of them but these are a few of my favorites.

 The Wizard is my all time favorite Snowbaby

I just had to have this snowman family to represent our little family of three.

 We have been collecting the Hallmark singing snowmen every year since our son was born.  It is now a given that if they have one out then he is going to get a new one to add to the collection.  These are just a few of them but love how they look above the cabinets.

Are those all for me?  Don't I wish...

Santa....I know him!

 One of my new favorite things...my red metal reindeer!

 Oh Christmas Tree!  Oh Christmas Tree!

 So many ornaments...
 I love every story behind each and every one of these ornaments.  

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas in 2013 and a Happy New Year!

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  1. I have really enjoyed the adventures of Roy! I have two "grand-elves-on-the-shelf" and love hearing about where they were found from the kids. The worst grinches to me are the people who think these little guys/girls are not a good thing. Please! Just go away! We are having lots of fun with them!


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