Friday, December 20, 2013

. . . Lots more fun with Roy . . .

Little Roy has come up with some pretty good hiding places and has had us getting a good laugh every morning.  My parents even look forward to finding out what Roy does each day when I send them a text message.  Too funny!  I will miss this guy when he leaves on Christmas Eve.

 I keep a big jar filled with candy in our kitchen and our son knows it's not for him to just reach into whenever he wants but he has to ask first or earn a piece of candy so when we came downstairs and found that Roy had totally raided the jar he wondered if he had earned the candy.  So funny!

 Love that pink and orange lollipop Roy brought to eat.

 Roy must have a thing for candy because he brought my favorite kind of M&Ms and left a little message behind.  

 We call Marcus "The Kid" so he left a little M&M message saying "Hi Kid".  We thought that was pretty funny.  He right away said "Hey, that is what Bebe calls me!".  Bebe is my sister and she got that started years ago and it just stuck.

 Wow, now this is a jumbo elf that Roy brought us.  Marcus had a friend sleepover and they wouldn't fall asleep so the note said Roy had to wait a long time to be able to sneak in this big elf.

Love the cute notes that Roy always leaves for us!

 This was a very funny morning because Roy really blended in to our mantle and Marcus wandered the entire house over and over trying to find him and just was having no luck at all.  Finally he gave up and sat on the couch frustrated and looked up and saw Roy sitting between the snowmen.  He said no wonder he blended in because he even had a carrot nose!

 Easy to miss if you weren't looking right at these guys!

Look at that cute little scarf and carrot nose!  So funny.

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