Saturday, March 23, 2013

. . . Semi-Homemade Spring Yarn Wreath . . .

You know how you can make a "semi-homemade" dinner by using fresh ingredients along with prepackaged ingredients?  Well, this is a "semi-homemade" spring wreath using the same concept.  

I purchased the yarn wreath from Target this spring and then grabbed a few butterfly clips from Target's dollar bins and then used a plastic bow from Dollar Tree and my front door instantly looked cuter!  I have made a ton of these yarn wreathes so you could easily make your own but buying this one was so simple and I loved the colors for spring.  I have received a million compliments on it because everyone loves the springy look to it and the best part is that it was as simple as pie to make!

Happy Spring!

Just grab a wreath and embellish it from some cute things you can find in the dollar store or the bins at Target or Michael's.  

Fun and Colorful!


  1. This turned out really cute and could easily be made with scrap bits of yarn as well.

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  2. Very pretty! I love the butterflies and the colors! Great find!!


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