Friday, December 7, 2012

. . . Sick Day for our Elf . . .

All week long my son has been sick and yesterday I came down with the same symptoms so this morning when we woke up we shouldn't have been surprised to see our elf was sick too!  Poor Roy!  He is having a sick day and is going to hang with me and watch tv and rest. 

Yesterday Roy was hanging in the marshmallow hot tub with his Santa Rubber Ducky.  He even had his towel to dry himself off with.  This got a huge laugh from my son.  The worst part was that our Maggie Girl (dog) tried to eat the marshmallows from the hot tub.  That was even funnier.

Just hanging around feeling rotten...
 I guess it was contagious!  Even Roy hates taking medicine but Santa says he has to so he can feel better soon.

 I want to be snuggled up in this cozy set up he has going on!

Poor little Roy!

That Roy sure gets around...

 Come on in!  The water is fine! 
Looks like fun!

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  1. This is absolutely hilarious...I will have to try the hot tub with our Elf Angela!


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