Monday, December 10, 2012

. . . Ribbon Wrapped Door for Holiday Cards . . .

Every year we get lots of wonderful Christmas Cards and I always struggle to find the perfect spot to display them.  I have a coat closet that is central to the house so I usually put them on that door with a little sticky tack but it just never looks great.  This year thanks to Pinterest (and Greener Grass Blog) I decided to wrap the coat closet door with some pretty ribbon.  The original pin showed the ribbon wrapped around each of their kitchen cabinets and I thought that was brilliant so I logged that idea in my mind for this season's holiday cards.  I was going to do it in my kitchen but then decided the closet door was still the spot to best display my cards so I just wrapped the whole door.  I didn't use anything but some tape on the back side of the door and it's holding beautifully.  **I just hope I don't peel off all the paint when I take it down but at least it's on the back side of the door so no one will see it and paint can be touched up pretty easily.  You could use a flat tack placed on the top and bottom of the door to hold your ribbon in place if you are doing this on a wood door.

I like that if I get more cards than what my two strips of ribbon will hold I can just easily add more ribbon to accommodate my cards.  So simple!

 We haven't received too many holiday cards yet but hopefully these ribbons will be totally full by the end of the season!

I just purchased mini clothespins from Target's dollar bins and have been attaching my cards that way.  I really would like to have a second to paint them white but tis the season to be busy so I may not get to it this year.

 This is such a simple but pretty way to display your cards.  I had a houseful of people this weekend and everyone was oohing and ahhing about how great of an idea it was so thank you Greener Grass and Pinterest!

 Easy Peasy!

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Aw! What a great way to display thos beautiful Christmas cards! I just love it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Thanks so much Chelsea. I love how it is looking now that it is filling up.


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