Tuesday, December 13, 2011

. . . Indoor Camping Party . . .

This past weekend we celebrated my son's 9th Birthday.  He has been wanting to do a camping birthday party for awhile now but with it being in December I figure most parents would frown upon their kids sleeping outside in the cold.  We decided to do an indoor camping theme instead and it was so much fun!  Everyone had a great time and I got to do some fun decorations.

It was a mostly sleepless night with all the little boys "camping out" but it was a lot of fun!

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  1. Love birthday parties with a theme and all your camp related touches are so clever and cute. Love the tent and campfire in the family room and on the cake..... Mmmm....Smores! My kiddos and I used to camp out in the living room when they were small...I'd heat up hot dogs in the MW then put them on a fork and they'd "roast" them over a lincoln log "fire". I'm sure the party was a huge hit with the boys. Warm Hugs,


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