Monday, August 29, 2011

. . . Lemon Mint Iced Tea . . .

So, my new obsession this summer has been Lemon Mint Iced Tea.  So much so that I'm now growing mint so I can make it--now I just need a lemon tree and I'd be set.  Remember my Sweet Tea Recipe?  Well, that is what I start with and then add fresh mint leaves and some sliced up lemons and you have a super refreshing beverage!

Grab your mint, cut up lemons and iced tea

 Place some mint leaves and a few lemon slices in the bottom of a glass
Use a straw or spoon and "smoosh" the two around to get out the lemon juice and the flavor of the mint.

Fill the glass with ice and pour your sweet tea over it and you have yourself a cup of yummy

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  1. I was just at someone's home last week that made tea like this and it was supper yummy. Thanks for linking up!


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