Wednesday, May 18, 2011

. . . DIY Recipe Card Holder . . .

Everytime I am using a recipe to cook with I get frustrated not having something to prop it up on.  I realize you can buy nice recipe card holders but I wanted to create something fun and colorful.  This is a super easy way to make a Recipe Card Holder.  What a great gift too!
You will need:
Glue (E6000 is my favorite)
Spray Paint
Mod Podge
Patterned Paper
Kitchen Clip or any large clip
Plastic easel photo frame
• Gather up all of your supplies--my plaque came from the Dollar Store but my son dropped it and while I was spray painting I realized it had a big crack in it.  I luckily had another one from a previous project so I used it instead.
• Sand your board
• Spray paint your board in the color of choice.  I used Watermelon by Krylon
• After the plaque has dried completely (I used 3 coats of paint) cut a patterned sheet of paper to the size of your plaque.  I used spray adhesive to put the paper on the back of my board but you could use mod podge.  Cover back side of board.
• Now that you've covered the back side of the board apply the clip where you want it on your board.  Use E6000 adhesive to attach it.  You may want to sand a small spot where you are placing it if you used a high gloss finish paint.
•  I used a 4x6 acrylic easel type photo frame from Target.  Cover the front "flat" side with E6000 glue and attach it to the back of your board to create the "stand" that your board will prop against. 
• I didn't like just the boring clear acrylic so I cut a coordinating paper to place inside the holder
• Once the clip has dried I used a 2 inch scallop punch and cut out some flowers. I then placed them where I wanted them.
• Get your Mod Podge and a foam brush ready
• Apply with Mod Podge
• Coat the entire row of flowers with the Mod Podge to seal
• Once everything is dry you can sit it up and admire your handy work.
• I love the back of the board even though it won't show that often
• I sanded all my edges to let the white of the original board show through
• I then applied a big button to the clip.  It is almost exactly the color of the paint.
• Easy Peasy right?  I will be using this handy dandy Recipe Holder all the time!

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  1. Linda- I am posting a recipe today on my blog, can I link this up today...its so adorable!!

  2. I like this and would use it all the time. Thanks for how-to.

  3. YOU ROCK! iv been looking on how to make these thank you :)

  4. I love this idea. And I'm pretty sure I can make it bigger to fit my recipes that I've printed from the computer.

  5. ahhh this is SOOOO cute! I need one immediately! awesome idea!

  6. Terrific idea~I have one of those fancy recipe holders and rarely use it because it's more for cookbooks not recipe cards. I like the size of this one. By the way your nails always look so nice in the pictures...LOL

  7. This is very cute and so useful! Love it xoxo Malia

  8. So cute and easy! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Serenity now and a new follower :)

  9. LUV this!! Hope you don't mind wanted to link to this on my blog.

  10. how fun! i featured it today on whipperberry!


  11. Great idea and easy to follow tutee! I love the recipe card holder and have a ton of old silverware that is just screaming out to be made into little men to hold pictures at my friend’s entire house!


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