Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DIY Drawer Planter

I love old drawers and have several around but I wanted to create something so off I went to Home Depot and found this great divided box already assembled and decided it would be perfect for a centerpiece filled with flowers or grass.

This can't be any simpler because the box is assembled and ready to be painted or stained and you just need one or two drawer pulls and you have a great little "drawer".

 I started off with my bare wood box which you can find at Home Depot in the aisle where they have their unfinished crates. 
 I stained my box with Minwax Dark Walnut wood stain and let it dry.  You could skip this step if you aren't planning on distressing your box at the end.
 Once the stain was dry I painted the box with DecoArt Chalky Finish paint in white.
 Once the paint was dry I fitted the sections of the box with some greenery I purchased from Michael's.  It was a "sheet" of greenery so I just cut it down to fit into each section.
 Then comes my favorite part!  Distressing...I sanded the box all over so that the stained wood would come through but if you don't want to do this step just skip it altogether which means you could skip the staining of the box at the beginning.
 After all the sanding was done I attached my glass knobs to the front of the "drawer".  I just love glass knobs and would have them all over my house if I could.
 Once the box was finished I used some galvanized garden stakes/tags I picked up at Michael's and added some vinyl numbers to them.  Just random numbers that have no meaning at all.  I then dry brushed black chalk paint onto them and wiped it off so that it created a distressed look instead of shiny metal.
 Once I was finished I added it to the center of my table for a centerpiece. 
 Can't get any easier than that!

 When you add your knobs to the front of the box be sure to measure making sure they are even on both sides.

 I added a couple little bunnies to the table as well.
Easy Peasy!

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