Sunday, October 18, 2015

Knock if you Dare Halloween Yarn Wreath

Finally the weather is feeling like fall here in North Carolina!  I wasn't sure it was ever going to happen but the leaves are changing colors and starting to fall and the temps are getting chilly!  We even had to turn our heat on just this morning!  Yay!  It's my favorite time of year.  I love decorating for Halloween and Fall but this year I didn't feel like using any of the wreathes I've made in the past so I wanted to do something different.  

This was a total last minute decision because I was cleaning up some old craft supplies and found a ton of Halloween colored yarn and figured I would whip up a quick Yarn Wreath.  I also remembered I had this cute Knock if you Dare sign I had picked up at Home Goods last year on clearance for 2 bucks.  A little ribbon and it's done.  I realize it's not a very exciting wreath but simple and colorful made it work for me.

 If you've followed along with my blog over the years you know I love making yarn wreathes.  The best part is you can make them look different every single time depending on the yarn you use and the embellishments you add.  If you want to see a few of the others I have shared you can click here or here or even search my sidebar for yarn wreath for more.
 You will need:
Wreath form in the size and shape you would like for your wreath
Yarn--the more colors and texture the better in my opinion but for this one I used yellow, green, orange and two shades of purple
Floral pins
Flowers, plaque, ribbon or any other embellishments you'd like to add
 These floral pins are the bomb diggity!  I use them for just about every wreath I make and find they come in handy for lots of other projects too.  I buy them at Hobby Lobby or Michael's and try to always keep them on hand.
 Start with all your yarn lined up the same length and use the floral pin to hold the starting point of your yarn in place.  Make sure you pin it to the back side of the wreath so you can't see it.  Then just start wrapping the yarns around the wreath form.  I try to lay my yarns out "flat" instead of a big clump so that you can actually see all the colors.  You also want to pull the yarn very tight and keep it close together so your wreath form doesn't show through.  

You can also use several strands of the same color of yarn if you want a more dominant color to show up.  I wished I had used a couple strands of purple instead of just one of each shade but that's ok.  

After I finished wrapping the plain yarns I finished it off the same way I started it by pinning the yarn ends to the back side of the wreath with the floral pin.  I wasn't happy with the wreath because it didn't have any dimension so I took orange fluffy yarn and wrapped it around so it had a little extra oomph to it.  I didn't wrap it close together so it's spread out but you could either incorporate that fluffy yarn with the other yarns you used from the beginning or just add it after for a more subtle effect.
 I then took my sign and attached it with floral pins to the wreath.  You can barely see them so I didn't worry about hiding them but if you wanted to make them more concealed just cover them with a bit of yarn.
 I then took a wide piece of grosgrain ribbon and tied it to the sign to complete it. 
 Easy peasy and works perfectly for when the trick or treaters come around!
 Knock if you dare!


  1. Oh my gosh this is stinkin' cute. I've always thought about making a yarn wreath (I mean it's not ike I'm suddenly going to know how to knit and I like to buy yarn in pretty colors in all)! I'd love it if you would link this cutie up with us at our Best of the Weekend Link Party. The party went live Friday night and is open until Wednesday. Excuse me now, I need to go dig through my yarn stash.

    1. That is too funny about the yarn. I understand completely how that goes. I can do some basic knitting but rarely do it and yet I have a TON of yarn stashed away and end up using almost all of it for wreathes. I hope you find some great yarn in your stash to make a wreath. I will also stop by your party and link up. Thanks for stopping by!


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