Wednesday, August 21, 2013

. . . Write Teacher For Me 2013 . . .

This post is one of my most popular for both Teacher Appreciation and Back to School treats for the new teacher so I'm sharing it again.  I used Pens and Pencils from the $1 bins at Target and made another cute treat for our 5th Grade Teacher.

Updated 2013
• • •
It's almost time for the kiddos to go back to school, (yay )how sad!  Back to school means thinking about a small treat for the new teacher and this is the perfect little "something"!  Every classroom needs a pile of pencils or pens so this is an all purpose gift for any teacher in any grade.

You may remember I did this the last  2 years but I've updated the tag download for you and changed up the style of my finished product thanks to washi tape.  Both download links are at the bottom of the post.

To make tags like I did you will need:
A sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch card stock
A small hole punch
Package of pencils (I bought 4 packages of pencils from the Dollar Store--2 packs for girls and 2 packs for boys so no one was left out when the teacher puts them out)
Washi Tape
Card stock for layering
Twine or Ribbon 
*To do a super fast treat just cut out the label color you want and tape it directly to the package of pencils

Teacher Gift
• Print out your tags from the download link below and gather your supplies
• I did two packs of pencils in boy colors and two packs in girl colors
• Cut out the label in the color selection that works for you
• Cut small strips of washi tape for the corners of each square tag

• I added a small piece of washi to each corner of my square tag
• I then folded the excess around the back of the square tag and trimmed it.  Using the washi tape is strictly optional but I liked the added pop of color

• I attached my finished tags to a black piece of card stock and cut it out and punched a small hole in the corner to thread my twine through
• I bagged the pencils in clear cello bags and tied them with a piece of twine

• I attached my tags to each bag by tying them on with a piece of baker's twine
• I taped a few pieces of washi on the bottom of the bags for another pop of color 
• You are all set!

Write Teacher


Back to school
Write Teacher Download Update Write Teacher For Me 

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  1. I love this!! The colors are too cute!! Love using the washi tape on the corners of the tag. Love it!! Pinned it!!


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