Saturday, October 13, 2012

. . . Dollar Store Fridge Liners . . .

This past spring our refrigerator went kaput and it was the perfect time to completely scrub it down and get everything cleaned out of it before it was repaired.  When I was cleaning all the shelves it clicked that I am crazy to not line my shelves and drawers with something so I can just wipe them down when there are spills or leaks.  I went off to the Dollar Store and grabbed a roll of contact paper and a roll of rubber shelf liner to make the contact paper non slip.  I didn't want to "glue" anything down but I didn't want the liners to move around either so the non slip shelf liner was perfect to stick the contact paper to.

This was a super simple project that took very little time and has been awesome to have ever since.  I did these back in the spring and they have been wiped down numerous times and still look as good as new and have not peeled or slid or anything since.  I love how easy it is now to clean up my fridge!  

After doing this little project I have seen so many great contact papers (at higher prices) so eventually I'll probably upgrade to something that is more of a match to my overall kitchen but for $2.00 I am a happy camper!  You can't beat that.  

 You will need:
Contact Paper
Non Slip Rubber Shelf Liner

 • Gather your supplies and remove your shelves and drawers from the fridge
• For each shelf I turned it over and cut the non slip shelf liner to fit

 • I then took my cut piece of non slip rubber liner and placed it on the contact paper.  The great thing about the contact paper is on the reverse side there is a grid to help you keep your cuts straight.  I just cut a the contact paper slightly (very slightly) larger than the non slip liner and then peeled off the backing of the contact paper and stuck it directly to the non slip rubber liner and instantly I had a pretty "liner" for each shelf and drawer for fridge.

 • I used the same technique for each shelf and drawer and it came together perfectly. 



 Easy Peasy!


  1. This is a great idea Lindy. There are always drips and spills in the fridge.

  2. Wonderful idea! I'm gonna try that out in my new fridge. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  3. This is a great idea! I totally need to do this!



  4. Brilliant! I've added the supplies to my shopping list for tomorrow.

  5. What a GREAT idea! And so cheap...I love finding good deals! I think I will try this! I am a new follower so I hope you will follow me back.


  6. Thanks for the great idea, I am cleaning out my fridge this week. I am totally gonna do this. Rhonda

  7. I really want to do this. Thanks for the tip!! Thanks for visiting and linking up at Romance on a dime.

  8. Hi,
    I just did the exact same thing, actually. Great minds... I'm curious to know if this continues to work over time. Do you still use them and do you still find them advantageous? Thanks!


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