Friday, September 7, 2012

. . . Fall Tart Burners . . .

Oh, Happy Birthday to me(ok, it's a day early but still...)!

I genuinely believe that these amazingly yummy scented tart burners are the BEST KEPT Secret Walmart and Better Homes and Gardens has!  They smell so good and they offer a great selection of scents and they are CHEAP!!  At $2.00 per package it's a great bargain.  

You can imagine my sincere joy when I walked into Walmart today and saw the Fall Display with these delicious new scents!  I burn one square at a time and the scent lingers around the house all day.  Sometimes I will cut the squares in half and burn two different "flavors" to create a unique scent.  At such a great price I don't hesitate to burn at least one a day and I always stock up on them so I don't run out.  I've got my whole family hooked on them!

You just break the little squares up and stick them in your tart burner and enjoy the yumminess!


  1. First off, Happy early bday and secondly I have always seen those tarts and just ignored them! Now I want to try them! have a good weekend.

  2. I love these tarts !! I picked one up on a whim and have been in love since. The scent does linger really well. Its time for the fall ones to make the house cozy.

  3. Happy Birthday a bit late :) You are so right these ARE the best kept secret at WalMart. I have four scents and need waaaay more..

    xoxo, Tanya


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