Wednesday, September 5, 2012

. . . Easy TV Tray Makeover . . .

Am I the only that has a set of TV Trays that has seen better days?  We have had our set for years and they were looking pretty worn out so instead of throwing them away I decided to do a makeover and now they are beautiful and loved by everyone that sees them!

I used my old TV Trays, a sanding block, Krylon Cafe Latte Spray Paint, Drawer Pulls and a Dollar Store Vinyl Sticker and finished it off with a coat of Clear Acrylic Spray.  Super simple! 

*If you don't have TV Trays they are readily available at the big box stores, home furnishings stores and probably thrift stores. 

  Fab Makeover
• As you can see my TV Tray was looking a little used so it was time to refinish it and make it pretty again.  You will want to sand the entire table until you have a nice smooth surface.  If there are chips of wood or dings in the wood use a filler and then sand it again so you have a smooth surface.
• Once the paint is dry your are ready to add drawer pulls to each end of the TV Tray (I'm sorry I have no painting pictures)
• Flip your tray upside down and make the marks on the bottom of the table where you want to drill
• Use a drill and drill the appropriate size hole for your drawer pull

• Place your drawer pull on the table top and screw it in place then do the other end the same way
• This creates a really nice decorative touch but it's amazing how useful these drawer pulls are for moving the tray quickly
• Grab your vinyl sticker--I got mine at the Dollar Store which was the best because I loved how cheap it was but also how perfectly it went with my painted tray
• Despite the vinyl sticker having adhesive on it already I wanted to be extra sure it wasn't going anywhere so I added spray adhesive to the back of it so it would adhere even better to the painted tray

• The tray is basically ready to use now but I decided to add Clear Polyurethane to seal the top of it.  
• This step really should have been done before the drawer pulls but this was my first shot at this project so it was an afterthought to do it.  The others had this step done before the handles were on.  If you are like me and do it a little backwards just cover your drawer pulls with plastic
• Spray the entire top of your table with the clear polyurethane.  I used 2 coats so ensure I had it well coated

Look, even the pups approve of it--ok, I guess they could really care less but they were in the spot I needed for the photos. 
  Love it!

  TV Trays!
I just love how they turned out and so does everyone else that gets to eat off of them.  I think I now have a great gift idea for the holidays...

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