Friday, September 28, 2012

. . . Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover . . .

I love buying things at the Dollar Store and making them new again with a little spray paint.  These ceramic pumpkins weren't terribly ugly as they were (they seemed more Thanksgiving than Halloween) but I had it in my head that I wanted to make them "Spooky" so I grabbed my bottle of Silver Spray Paint from Krylon and some black craft paint and I was in business.  Now I have a fun centerpiece for my table and another Dollar Store Craft under my belt.
 You will need:
Ceramic Pumpkins from the Dollar Store
Glass Taper Holders from the Dollar Store
Silver Spray Paint
Black Craft Paint
Foam Brush
E6000 Glue
Optional: Black Beans and a Platter if you want to do a centerpiece like mine

 Gather your supplies.  Spray your ceramic pumpkins with silver spray paint.  I love the Krylon brand but you can use any that you like.  Let the paint dry really well and then get ready to dry brush your black craft paint on the silver pumpkins

 I dabbed my foam brush before I applied the paint to my pumpkins.  I really didn't have any rhyme or reason when putting the black paint on but I wanted it to look uneven and streaky so I slashed my brush in all different directions.  Once the paint was on I then took a paper towel and dabbed the paint off and even wiped it almost completely off in other areas.  Then I went back with a little more black paint and added it where I felt like it needed it.

 I then sprayed my glass taper holders with the silver paint and used the exact same technique on these when doing the black paint.  I just dry brushed the black paint on and then dabbed it off with the paper towel and then added more black paint until each candlestick coordinated with the finished pumpkins.

 Once the pumpkins and candlesticks were dry I added E6000 glue to the top of each candlestick and placed my pumpkin on top and let it dry.  Once they were dry I moved them to a white platter so I could use that for a centerpiece.

Funny story...When I was purchasing my black beans I had a guy that was very into the fact that I was buying black beans because he loves black beans too--interesting.  I heard his entire story of why he eats them and who introduced him to them and so on.  I am not sure if he was trying to use the beans as a pick up line or not but that would be the most unique opening line wouldn't it?  He wasn't impressed when I told him I wasn't eating them but using them in a centerpiece.
Anyway, I poured the beans around the pumpkins and added two ribbon wrapped black tea lights.  I put a black tablecloth on the table and added a silver placemat and instantly had a spooky table.  Super duper easy right?


dollar store craft!

easy peasy!


  1. Great idea. I have painted the dollar store foam pumpkins but not the ceramic ones.

  2. great idea with the beans! i did a center piece with the exact same pieces, but mine are as is. too funny.

  3. I love your pumpkin makeover. They look so much more aged and elegant with the black added on top of the silver. :)

    (Your story about the guy oversharing about black beans made me laugh, too!)

    Stopping by from Chic on a Shoestring's Flaunt-it Frday. :)

  4. I love this idea! ( and I love the story about the man at the grocery store lol )
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time!

  5. Nicely done! Love the effect you created, and also love dollar stores :)

  6. very cute. i love the black beans, great idea. i'm your newest follower. i would love for you to check out my blog when you have a minute at


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