Thursday, May 10, 2012

. . . Stuck On You Magnet Teacher Appreciation Gift . . .

Another day of Teacher Appreciation Week behind us but another fun project to share today. 

Today our school asked for flowers for the teachers and I am so not into flowers because they don't last and because I can't grow them to save my life so I always try to do something with a flower theme but not the actual live flower. 

I created magnets out of the dollar bins at Michael's and a sheet of Martha Stewart Stickers from Michael's.  Pretty darn easy!  I would highly recommend getting the heavy duty magnets for these but if you go with the round magnets that are not heavy duty you will want to use 2 of them on the back of your clothespin.

I think these magnets will for sure be on my "Gift" list for some special people...Grandma's, Mom's, Friends etc.  Such a cute and inexpensive gift and everyone loves having a nice looking magnet!

 • Gather your supplies:
Industrial Strength Magnets
E6000 Glue
Paint Chips
Ribbon or Baker's Twine
A Cute Tag
• For sure you want to try to find the industrial strength magnets because they will hold things on your surface much better
• Want a great tip for stickers when you no longer want them to be sticky?  Powder!!!  I poured a little baby powder into a cup and then dipped each sticker in it so it would remove the stickiness of the sticker.  If you don't do this step and your sticker hangs over the edge of your clothespins it will attract all kinds of dust and lint etc.  Not good!
 • Now that the sticker is not sticky you will put a strip of E6000 Glue right down the center
• Attach the sticker directly to the front of the clothespin and hold it in place for a few seconds then lay it flat to dry
• Once the sticker has adhered to the front of the clothespin you will put a dab of blue on your industrial strength magnets and place them in the desired location on the back of the clothespin

 • To package these I grabbed a couple paint chips that I had leftover from my Paint Chip Project Week last summer
• Attach the clips directly to the paint chip
• Print a cute tag--mine says "I'm Really STUCK on You!"
•Layer the tag with some fun colored paper and you are set to package these cute little magnets up

• Use a cellophane bag or something clear to package your magnets in
• Use ribbon or Baker's Twine and tie off the top of the cello bag and attach your cute tag 
• What a great gift!  Our teacher's and principal's got theirs today!

Great Gift!
Stuck on you
Teacher Treat


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  1. Adorable Lindy! Stinkin' Adorable! I am loving all your Teacher Ideas! Super Great! I bet they LOVE them!

  2. That's really cute. They would be great for a white board in the classroom.

  3. Teachers appreciate practical gifts & I'm sure they loved these great magnets! Thank you so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust.

    Warmly, Michelle

  4. I really love your blog and all the creative things you do.Listed you among my favourite blogs

    Enjoy Teaching English


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