Wednesday, April 25, 2012

. . . Washi Tape Necklaces . . .

Another day for Washi Tape projects and this one is a fun one!  

I love jewelry, I mean what girl doesn’t?  So I had to create something with Washi Tape that I could actually wear.  I did two pendents—one with a cheap pendent necklace I picked up in the dollar bin at Michael’s (remember it's getting covered up anyway so it doesn't matter what it looks like) and then one made with a Washer.   

You just need some tape pieces, something to stick it to that can be worn as a pendent and Glossy Accents Glue.  The Glossy Accents Glue is found at craft stores and it creates a pearly, acrylic coating.  It is addictive and a must have if you like making necklaces.  You will have to stay tuned to see a Washer Necklace Tutorial using Washers, Paper and Glossy Accents Glue.  You will love it!

Washi Tape Madness

•Gather up your washi tape, washers or pendent "frame", Glossy Accents, rhinestones if you want them and you are good to go
• The Glossy Accents will be your new best friend if you haven't used it before!
• I made the front of the cheap pendent the back for this project so I covered it with washi tape
• This pendent has a little "lip" on it so I cut the edge of the tape off and then used my nail to really get it stuck down in frame of the pendent

• After the back is completely covered flip it over and tear tape strips in the color you choose and tape them on the pendent.
• There doesn't have to be any pattern to this just do it as you want it
• After the pendent frame is covered on front and back take a strip of washi and cover the four edges.  You'll want super sharp scissors to trim right along the edge.
• Add a rhinestone where you want it and you are ready to use the Glossy Accents

r• Lay the pendent face up on a piece of plastic or something smooth so it will peal right off if the glue runs a little bit
• Cover the entire front of the pendent with the glue.  You will start at the edges first and work your way in.  If there are air bubbles that form take a pin and pop them at the very end.  Let it dry completely then you will flip it over and use the glue to cover the back side and the edges of the pendent.  Make sure you don't touch this while it's drying or you'll get clumps of glue on the pendent.  It will look very cloudy when you first put it on but now worries because it dries clear.
• Take a washer from the hardware store and cover the entire thing with Washi Tape pieces and cover it completely with the Glossy Accents glue and let it dry.

• When everything is dry you will have a really nice pearly finish that feels like acrylic.  The photo on the left shows the front side of the pendents and the photo on the right side shows the back side of the square pendent so you can see how it is covered in the tape as well.  Make sure if you cover the back side of the pendent that you also use the Glossy Accents on it.

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  1. LOVE this idea! They turned out great!

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