Thursday, April 26, 2012

. . . Washi Tape Lamp Shade . . .

Well, we are more than halfway through Wacky for Washi Tape Week.  I swear I could just keep going and going with project ideas but I promise I won’t.  I don’t want to wear out my welcome with my readers.

Today I did a Washi Tape Lamp Shade.  I know that sounds a bit wacky but it turned out great and added that little something extra to my green bedside lights.  I love these super simple projects that pack a lot of punch.
 All you need is a lamp shade and some Washi Tape and a few glue dots or a touch of fabric glue.  I just dusted my lamp shade really well so it was nice and clean and then started to run the tape right along the bottom edge.  Every few inches I put a glue dot directly on the tape to add a bit more hold.  I found it best to do each side of the shade with 1 piece of tape versus the entire shade with one piece.  It does make for a seam at each corner but it's super easy to match the pattern up so you'd never know there was a break in the tape.

fun! fun!
washi  madness


  1. So fun! I shared it on my Facebook page! Thank you for visiting my party!

  2. This is so cute. I am so in love with how versatile washi tape is!

  3. Oh this is adorable! I just bought some washi tape and am having fun with it. Thanks for the great idea. Thanks for linking up at The Winthrop Chronicles!

  4. How smart are you!?! So super smart! This is awesome Lindy!!

  5. Totally Perfect!!! I'd love to have you share at my JUST opened!!!

    XO, Aimee


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