Tuesday, April 10, 2012

. . . Cookie Time Tuesday -- Muffin Top Brownie Cookies . . .

I love muffins but my absolute favorite part of eating them is the muffin top.  I am also a big fan of brownies so when I came home from my daily Target run (I swear I'm at Target each and every day--my bank account tells the ugly truth)with a brownie mix I figured why not give them a try in my muffin top baking sheet and see if I could make them into more of a cookie for Cookie Time Tuesday.  This idea had NOTHING to do with the fact that I forgot about Cookie Time Tuesday, ok so it does but it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

You will need:
A Brownie Mix and the ingredients listed on the back of the box to prepare it (Typically this is water, eggs and oil).  You will prepare the brownie mix exactly as the box tells you.  I always substitute Coffee for the water.  You would never taste the coffee but it's a great way to enhance the chocolate flavor.  You might want just place brownies but I wanted to add some fun add ins to mine so I did a batch of each of these combos--Mini Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter Chips and Toffee and Caramel Bits.  I recommend at least adding in some mini chocolate chips for the extra oomph they give to the brownies. Bake these at 350 for about 20 minutes but watch them closely.  It may be less or more bake time depending on the thickness of yours and the add ins you decide on.

**There is no recipe link this time because you follow the recipe on the back of the brownie mix but add in some fun things and you have a unique Muffin Top Cookie.

• Gather up your ingredients
• I wanted to use the muffin top pan I have from Wilton but you could do these in a normal size muffin tin just filling each "hole" with a little bit of batter so it doesn't look like a muffin when they are baked

•Prepare your brownie mix as instructed on the box.  You really should try to the recipe using coffee instead of water--yum!
• Pour about 1/4 Cup into each muffin top "hole".  I sprayed each of my holes with cooking spray to help lessen any sticking.
• Add in the toppings you want and bake

The perfect Muffin Top Brownie Cookie!  

I don't want to point fingers at anyone (Lindy) but someone (Lindy) just had to snag a taste the minute these popped out of the over and let me tell you it was a battle with my will power to not eat the entire Muffin Top Brownie Cookie!

Muffin Tops
the perfect combo


  1. Yum! I really need to get one of these pans.

  2. Looks sooo yummy! Thank you for the visit and sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Hope you have a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn

  3. Genius! It's delicious portion control. :)


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