Sunday, April 1, 2012

. . . Bunny In A Jar . . .

I was so excited about this project after seeing it posted on my Hippity Hop Easter Project HopCrafting The Night Away did this adorable assortment of Chocolate Bunnies in graduating jars and they were so cute.  I ran right out to the store to get the chocolate bunny and the edible grass.  I had the other things I needed already so imagine my disappointment when I was getting ready to place the chocolate bunny in the cute jar filled with edible grass and jelly beans I go and put a hole right through his ears.  Nice!  Now what?  The word I hollered out isn't appropriate for blogging but boy was I disappointed.

Sooo...with the idea still rattling around in my head and knowing it was for a blog post I went searching through my craft supplies when I came across this little stuffed Pottery Barn Kids Easter Bunny that my son got for his First Easter.  I don't like to have stuffed animals around my house so lucky for me this one must have meant something because he hadn't been donated or given to someone else.  He didn't fit very well in the lidded jar so I grabbed one of my other glass vases and added him in with the edible grass.  Cute but not quite the cutest so I grabbed some ribbon and a few scrapbooking supplies and I was in business.

I still think Crafting The Night Away has an awesome idea but I'm ok with how mine turned out in the end.  Luckily it wasn't a total craft fail.

 • Lil Bunny Foo Foo

•My project started out with the potential to be so cute.  In case you want to make a Bunny In A Jar this way you will need edible grass, jelly beans or any pastel candy, a jar, chocolate bunny and some embellishments to make it pretty.
• I found that when I tried to stand my bunny up in the jar he wanted to fall over so I placed a glue dot on the bottom of him to keep him up.
• Yep, here is where it all goes downhill...broken bunny!

Ok, starting over...grabbed the stuffed bunny and a glass vase and filled the bottom up with the edible grass and then wrapped a pink ribbon around it and secured it with a glue dot.

• I used some flowers and colored brads for the center of my pink ribbon and then I made a second flower to attach to the bunny's ears.  I attached both flowers with a glue dot.

•I grabbed two votives in pink and green.  Added a piece of ribbon to each and then adhered a paper flower right in the center with a glue dot

  Bunny in a Jar

  Cutie  patootie

   Easy  as  can  be
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  1. I really love the jellybeans and the cute Beatrix potter bunny!!! :-) I will have to use jelly beans next year. So cute!! Thank you for sharing my idea with your fans!! :-)


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