Saturday, March 31, 2012

. . . Hoppin Good Easter Free Treat Topper Download . . .

I love doing treat bag toppers for my son's class!  They are cute and super duper simple and always make a big impression.  Plus it's fun to get to share them with all of my Blog Readers!  I love seeing your photos when you use them for your kids so please share if you use either of these downloads. 

This time I decided to do two styles--one for teachers, principals and staff and then one for the students in his class.  I did the chocolate bunnies with a message of "Wishing you a "Hoppin" Good Easter" and then the second one is set up for the kids and it holds two mini Reese's Cup Eggs and the message says "Wishing you an EGGcellent Easter".  There are lots of different styles of Easter "Egg" Candy in the stores so if you have peanut allergies to work around I know there are other options for you.  We are not in that situation so I went with the PB Eggs. 

These are perfect for your friends, family, classmates, neighbors...the list could go on and on.  Who wouldn't love getting a cute Easter Treat?
 scroll down to download treat toppers
• Download and print your treat topper and gather up your candy and supplies.
• Cut and fold all your toppers so you are ready to staple them in place.
 • For the "Hoppin" Easter download I used small treat bags from Target and added some colorful paper shreds to the bag to give it a pop of color.  I then added my chocolate rabbits.  
• Take the folded treat topper and staple it in place.  I used colored staples that matched my topper but any staple will work.

• When I first bought my chocolate I wasn't sure if I would do a snack size ziploc filled with mini chocolate bunnies or the mini cello bags with the paper shreds and one chocolate bunny so I went ahead and created two sizes for this treat topper.  I really like how the ziploc full of mini bunnies looks too.

 • Now for the "Eggcellent" Easter Download I used Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Eggs in a snack sized ziploc bag.  I printed may topper and cut it down to size and then folded it and stapled it to the bags.  I needed a lot of bags so as you can see I have a big pile of Reese's Eggs.  How I managed to only eat one during the whole process I'll never know because these bad boys are my favorite Easter candy!

  treat topper!
  so cute!
  Happy Easter

Free for PERSONAL Use ONLY! 
**Feel free to share this link with your readers and followers **

Background and bunny artwork provided by Maree Truelove  
I changed the color of the bunny artwork so if you wish to purchase this set from 
her you will see different color options than what is used here. 
Hoppin Easter Topper 2 Up Large Download for snack size ziplocs Hoppin Easter Topper Small 2 Up Download for small cellophane treat bags Eggcellent Easter Topper 2 Up Download for snack size ziplocs

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  1. how super cute and fun these would be to share

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  2. Wow...Just what I was looking for, So nice of you to share...My six little grandchildren will love this. Thanks!


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