Wednesday, February 15, 2012

. . . Not Your Ordinary Nacho Cheese . . .

• • • • • • • Nacho Cheese Dip

When we were growing up my mom always made this nacho dip and we would eat it like it was going out of style.  I just assumed that everyone made it this way but as I got older and started taking it with me people loved it and said they had never had it before.  I recently made it a couple times over the holidays and for Super Bowl Sunday so I thought I'd share it here.  This is really just a dump recipe so that it is flavored to your liking.

 You will need:
Velveeta Cheese
Jar of Salsa
Taco Seasoned Ground Beef
Nacho Chips 

 • Gather your ingredients
• In a saucepan melt the cheese.  
I usually add some of the salsa at this point so it all combines well.
• Once the cheese is melted add the rest of your salsa
• Add seasoned ground beef to the melted cheese mixture 

 • Mix the meat into the cheese really well.
• Now that everything is combined you can adjust the flavor to your liking--you can add more salsa or other things like Rotel, Jalepenos etc.

                         Serve with nachos and start to
 • • • • • • • Dip your Chips

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