Monday, December 19, 2011

. . . elf on the shelf fun . . .

Our little Roy has been up to no good almost every day.  We have so much fun racing around looking for him first thing in the morning to see what his trick of the day will be.  I swear he's torturing me because he keeps turning up in spots that are my work areas.  Hmmm??? 

Have fun!

Having a little fun with the Wii

Busy raiding the hot chocolate stash and getting a messy face while he's at it.
Eating Oreos, silly elf
Reading about the Troopers

 WHAT HAPPENED?  He Toilet Papered the family room!

 What a mess!  I think we may have to draw the line after this trick....


  1. I like the drinking hot chocolate/eating cookies one. I'd go crazy with the tp!


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