Saturday, October 22, 2011

. . . Halloween Glam Topiary . . .

I'm so excited to be guest posting this project over at Snowcones and Lollipops!  I love this blog so I was super excited when I was asked to share a post here.  I hope you will stop over and check her out.

I wanted to redo my dining room table with a Halloween "Glam" Centerpiece so I decided to make a couple Halloween Topiaries.  I love the dollar bins at Target so I hit those up a couple weeks ago and grabbed the damask "baskets" and then a couple bath sponges that were trimmed in green.  I added a green glittered skull and some black and deep purple tea lights with black and white ribbon wrapped around them and a piece of burlap.  Perfect and easy.  

I loved making my Valentine's Day Topiary from a bath sponge so when I saw these in black I knew what I was going to make for sure.

 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
 • Gather up your supplies
You will need:
Dowel Rods
Foam block
Basket filler
Bath Sponge
Rubber Spiders
• Cut the dowel rods to the height you want them and then paint them
• Cut the foam block to fit your container

 • Dab Mod Podge on the spiders where you want the glitter to stick
• Pour glitter over spiders and let dry
• Glue the foam block into the bottom of your container
• Stick the painted dowel rod into the foam block then cover with basket filler

 • Use hot glue to attach the bath sponge to the dowel rod
• Glue the glittered spider in place
• Attach an embellishment to the front of the basket if you wish
• Add ribbon to the dowel rod pushing it up tight against the sponge

 • You are set now with the topiary
• Gather up some tea lights in the colors you want
• Cut the ribbon to wrap around the tea lights.  Attach by using just a small amount of glue to the ends of the ribbon
• This is always an easy way to dress up tea lights for parties.

 I cut a piece of burlap and laid it out on the table and then added my topiaries, glittered skull and candles and now I have a pretty Halloween Table.  

 I can't wait to make a version of this for Christmas!

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  1. LOVE those classy topiaries! I think I need to take a trip to the 99p store and get some bath sponges ;)
    Pinning your awesome craft!

  2. Great idea--this could be used for just about any holiday with different colored "thingies". Patti @ PrettyOldHouses

  3. Those are so cool! What a great addition those would be on any Halloween spread.

  4. Enjoy reading your blog and others. I think of blogs as a way to share and receive ideas and tips. I hope to start one some day too. My passion is sewing and embroidery.
    sevgiliye hediye

  5. These are really darling!

  6. Thanks for linking up! I'll be featuring this on my blog on Saturday!


  7. love it just spooky enough to be beautiful come see me at

  8. That is so lovely, too! I would love for you to post it at SHOW-licious Crafts Showcase. Just follow the link I love exchanging craft ideas with new friends/readers! :)

  9. Love these! You should enter them into Craftbaby's Halloween Decor Challenge! :)


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