Saturday, September 3, 2011

. . . Girly Diaper Cake . . .

Don't you just love Diaper Cakes?  I know I do and they make such an amazing gift.  I remember when I received one for a baby shower gift and ever since it's one of my go to things to give as a baby gift.  They are really not bad to make but it is always better to have a second person to help you hold everything together while you are adjusting the diapers and pinning the ribbons in place.

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Gather your supplies:  Ribbons, 1 Box of Newborn Diapers, Pearl Head Pins, Dowel Rod, Tissue Paper or Tulle, and a Tray to put the finished cake on.
Start by making a circle of diapers--I can't tell you how many but just make the layer as large as you want it.  Place the diapers on their side and start forming a circle.
 Once you have the size you want take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the circle of diapers and pin it in place.  Don't worry if it looks sloppy because you will have a lot of adjusting to do after it's all done.
Now you can start making your diapers "neat" and then tighten your ribbon to hold them tight.  I always pack tissue paper or packing plastic in the center of each layer to hold it tightly in place.

 You will repeat each of the above steps for the next 2 layers.
Once you have 3 layers of "cake" measure the height of your cake so you can cut a dowel rod to slip between the layers to hold everything steady.  You will want 3 dowel rod pieces.

 Now it's time to make it all pretty.  Add several pearl head pins where the ribbon attaches.
Add your embellishments--tissue paper "fluff", flowers, stuffed animals, baby toys etc.

 This cake was for someone having twins so that is why there are two identical stuffed birds.
Place the embellishments where you want them.

 I added a few signs that I made about little girls and then the tulle fluff at the top to make it pretty

I painted the silver pizza tray with some spray paint so it all matched.
This was a very well received gift!


  1. Love it! A diaper cake in on my to do this weekend, too. I haven't made one in about 2 years (I thought all my friends were done with babies)!

  2. Love this cake of diapers, might use this when my sister-in-law has her baby shower. Thanks.


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