Wednesday, March 9, 2011


YAY!  My little blog just hit 200 Followers...I am so thankful for all my wonderful loyal readers!



  1. OMG!!! That is SUPER exciting!!! I just hit 50 and was ecstatic!!! LOL SO CONGRATS!!! I am sure you are stoked!!!

  2. Yes, I'm super excited :) I remember when I had about 3 followers and thought I'd never even break 10. haha Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Lindy it has been so exciting to follow your growth. Blogging opens up a big world out there. I am sure this number will continue to keep growing since you have such a fun blog to visit. Loving the Cookie Time Tuesday's.

  4. Hee! I just hit 10 and was jumping up and down. Two hundred is awesome! Thanks for the nice comment at my blog. I'm follower 201. ;)

    Christina @ The Scrappy Housewife.

  5. Christina-thanks for stopping by. Belieive me I appreciate and love each and every new follower so I too celebrated at 10! Good for you.

    I'm glad the cookie time tuesday is a hit! Thanks for stopping by.


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